Black Clover movie release date confirmed after delay, Sword of the Wizard King to debut on Netflix and movie theaters [Trailer]

Black Clover movie

The Black Clover movie release date is confirmed to be on June 16, 2023. On that day, the Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King movie will be streaming internationally on Netflix and it will also be released in Japanese movie theaters. The film was originally scheduled to be released on March 31, 2023, which … Read more

Black Clover Episode 133 release date in July: Black Clover Chapter 254 also on hiatus due to coronavirus

Black Clover's Asta And Yuno

The official website for the Black Clover anime series has confirmed that the Episode 133 release date was delayed due to production issues caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Crunchyroll and other streaming services have now confirmed that Black Clover’s return to broadcasting is scheduled for July 7, 2020. Initially, Weekly Shonen Jump magazine had … Read more

Black Clover Episode 133 release date reportedly in summer 2020: Black Clover Season 3 E31 returns in July?

Black Clover Asta

Anime news leakers are claiming that the Black Clover Episode 133 release date is scheduled for the summer 2020 anime season. That means Black Clover Season 3 Episode 31 could be airing in July. The rumor comes thanks to Spytrue, who claims, “Finally!! Black Clover coming back this Summer.” Two days later, Spytrue claimed that … Read more

Black Clover Season 3 release date confirmed: Number of episodes revealed by Black Clover sequel director Tatsuya Yoshihara [Spoilers]

Poster showing many of the Black Clover characters

Black Clover Season 3 has been confirmed by Burakku Kuroba director Tatsuya Yoshihara. The popular anime will venture on and continue the story of Asta and the Black Bulls in Black Clover Episode 103. It could be argued that Black Clover Season 3 being greenlit for production was inevitable considering how the Shonen Jump series … Read more