Red pill or blue pill: why you should pay attention to cyberpunk and where to start with cyberpunk anime

cyberpunk anime Neuromancer

Gods know cyberpunk anime are as rare as unicorns if not even rarer — almost as shounen-ai anime. What little has been animated has been recycled over the years to keep new generations from complaining of old-school animation… and a couple of other sensitive topics besides. Just consider the Ghost in the Shell and Appleseed franchises … Read more

First day on set teaser of Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop gives us our first look at Ein the Data Dog

Ein in the Netflix's Cowboy Bebop

If you’re going to do a live-action Cowboy Bebop series then you better get a proper corgi for the role of Ein. Anything less would totally be an insult to all the good bois (and girls) out there. In fact, way back in the day, when they first announced the project, there were rumors that … Read more

Live action Cowboy Bebop Ein rumor debunked


When the live action adaption to the fan favorite anime series Cowboy Bebop was first announced, fans were a bit skeptical. The project was to be handled by Netflix and their previous anime to live action adaptations such as Death Note were not exactly a hit. Then as the days rolled on and casting was … Read more