Top 10 anime Star Wars fans should watch

Star wars: vision trailer image

This is the May. Check out these 10 anime if you are a Star Wars fan. Anime is a medium that can compete with any other. Aside from the animation platform enabling more expressive forms, anime, in particular, has a lengthy history of tradition and creativity. Anime┬áhas become one of the most culturally unique creative … Read more

Top 20 anime from the 1990s that bring instant nostalgia

A close-up image of the cast of the 90s anime Cowboy Bebop.

The 1990s was a great decade for anime. Between the early days of the manga boom and the emergence of VHS, for many anime fans, this was the best time to be alive. In fact, many of the anime series that were released during the 90s are still relevant today, with many maintaining a solid … Read more

Live action Cowboy Bebop Ein rumor debunked


When the live action adaption to the fan favorite anime series Cowboy Bebop was first announced, fans were a bit skeptical. The project was to be handled by Netflix and their previous anime to live action adaptations such as Death Note were not exactly a hit. Then as the days rolled on and casting was … Read more