Golden Kamuy Volume 31 released: Final volume gets special commemorative page, wallpaper giveaway launched

Golden Kamuy manga final volume released

The final volume of the Golden Kamuy manga series was released in Japan on July 19, 2022. To commemorate the Golden Kamuy Volume 31 release date, the official Young Jump’s Golden Kamuy webpage has launched a special commemorative webpage and a commemorative wallpaper giveaway. In addition, a popular vote competition is on. Participants may vote … Read more

Golden Kamuy Season 3 release date set for fall 2020: OVA 4 episode confirmed

A scene from Golden Kamuy

Hinna, hinna! Golden Kamuy Season 3 is a necessity for anime fans wanting to consume more episodes. Especially after Episode 24 blew audiences’ brains, fans want to watch the end of the quest of Ainu girl Asirpa and Saichi “The Immortal” Sugimoto. Thankfully, Geno Studio has confirmed that the Golden Kamuy Season 3 anime is coming out … Read more