My Hero Academia: Vigilantes ending in final chapter 126 reveals return of Knuckleduster

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes chapter 110 cover visual

My Hero Academia has finally concluded its long-running spin-off and prequel manga story, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. The initial hook of the spin-off series from Kohei Horikoshi’s main manga series of showing a new look at the pro hero world drew people in. The spin-off, which took place years before the main series events, centered … Read more

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes 125 – Koichi Haimawari surprises with a link to villain All For One’s Nomu

My hero academia: vigilantes released visuals

The My Hero Academia: Vigilantes manga’s ending has revealed an unexpected link between Koichi Haimawari’s heroic actions in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes and the emergence of All For One and the other villains in the main series! The latest chapter of the series is laying the stage for the big climax of the spin-off manga. … Read more

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes manga ending: Final Chapter 126 release date announced

My hero academia: vigilantes released visuals

As a spin-off series, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes helped draw fans beyond UA Academy’s bounds. It focuses on a multitude of vigilantes that didn’t follow the law with protagonists such as Crawler, Pop Step, and Knuckleduster. Apparently, the heroes’ adventure is nearing a conclusion, since MHA: Vigilantes has stated when the last chapter will be released. The … Read more