FaZe Clan x Naruto Shippuden clothing, PC gear collab unveils new Shinobi-worthy gear

Naruto finally bonding with Kurama

Although Naruto Uzumaki may have outlived his prime, the anime has endured for many years since its release. Even today, new collectibles and spin-offs are still being produced based on the popular series. Fans received some FaZe Clan merchandise earlier in May 2022.   We have now received the second batch of merchandise from the FaZe Clan … Read more

Why Sakura is useless and the most disliked Naruto character, according to fans

Sakura caught under Kakashi's Genjutsu

The Naruto series is seeing a boom in popularity due to October 2022 being the anime’s 20th anniversary. As they recall their favorite episodes from the venerable series, fans worldwide enjoy the nostalgia. Regrettably, this remembrance has also caused many to recall some of their least favorite characters, one of which is Sakura Haruno. A lot still … Read more

Why the Boruto series will probably never live up to the success of Naruto

Kid Naruto and Boruto eating at Ichiraku ramen.

With its spectacular ninja moves, thrilling action sequences, and occasionally heartbreaking tales, the anime series Naruto and its follow-up sequel, Naruto Shippuden, captivated the anime community’s interest and affection in 2002. With more than 250 million copies of its manga reaching bookstores worldwide and an average sales per volume of 3.47 million, it is still … Read more

Boruto Chapter 75 introduces new god Jutsu type ‘Shinjutsu’ to the Naruto universe

Naruto's lava style rasenshuriken against madara in the 4th great ninja war

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has arrived at an intriguing turning point with the manga’s most recent arc. Chapter 75 of Boruto has unveiled a godly new type of Jutsu that will play a significant role in the narrative going ahead! The series’ Code-focused storyline has deviated from Otsutsuki’s initial goals and started introducing androids with magical-type … Read more

Naruto: Konoha’s Story: Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Manga can be read for free on the VIZ website

Naruto: Konoha's Story: The Steam Ninja Scrolls

On October 28, 2022, fans can read Naruto: Konoha’s Story: Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Manga for free on the VIZ Media website! Natsuo Sai has adapted the light novel of the same name, written by Sho Hinata. The story’s placement is debatable, but it was animated in Boruto: Next Generations, from episodes 700-710. The novel … Read more

Top 10 anime cosplay ideas for Halloween 2022: Will anyone dare to undress as Toru Hagakure aka Invisible Girl?

Nezuko and Hollow Ichigo cosplayers

Halloween 2022 is just around the corner and anime fans are debating which of their favorite anime characters they should dress up as this year. Are you torn about which of your favorite characters you should dress up as? Then, you’re in luck. My Top 10 anime cosplay ideas for Halloween include my favorite picks … Read more

‘Road of Naruto’ revisits franchise’s memorable scenes in commemoration of Naruto’s 20th anniversary

Naruto is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2022! More precisely, the exact anniversary date is October 3, 2022. To commemorate the occassion, Studio Pierrot released a special compilation video titled “Road of Naruto” on October 3, 2022. READ: Naruto remake by MrBeast teased, but is the episode cost for a Naruto reboot realistic for Jimmy … Read more

Naruto stage play production cancels all September 2022 performances due to COVID-19

Naruto stage play key visual

The most famous anime franchises have all been represented in anime stage plays, with productions of My Hero Academia, Beastars, Mobile Suit: Gundam, Spirited Away, and countless others. Beyond the original early days depicting Konoha’s ninjas and expanding into Naruto: Shippuden, Naruto has not only earned its stage play but also several performances. Unfortunately, the … Read more