One Piece: Stampede English dub by FUNimation review: Luffy takes on Douglas Bullet, the pirate version of Dragon Ball’s Broly

One Piece: Stampede visual

FUNimation’s One Piece: Stampede English dub is coming soon to U.S. theaters. Having already grossed $48 million in Japanese theaters, the One Piece movie is ready to plunder North American audiences of all their hard-earned booty. The One Piece: Stampede movie will have a limited theatrical release in North America. The English subtitles version is … Read more

One Piece: Stampede to hit North American theaters soon

One Piece: Stampede visual

Excited to see the new One Piece: Stampede animated film? The 14th film in the franchise was a big hit in Japan by making over five billion yen in the box office. The English release is set to hit North American theaters very soon. How soon? This Fall in fact! From Funimation Films, this movie … Read more

Eiichiro Oda wants to end the One Piece manga in 5 years

Luffy and the Straw Hat crew.

Are you planning on watching or reading One Piece? Well, we hope you have a lot of time because One Piece is one of the longest-running series out there (the longest is Sazae-san btw). There are currently almost a thousand chapters in the manga, and we’re nearing nine hundred episodes in the anime. Recently a … Read more