Isekai Quartet Season 2 release date in 2020, Isekai Quartet 2 adds The Rising Of The Shield Hero’s Raphtalia and Naofumi

Isekai Quartet anime key art

Isekai Quartet Season 2 has been officially confirmed to be in production based on the final moments of Episode 12. It’s been announced that the new episodes for Isekai Quartet 2 will be airing on January 14, 2020. What’s more, the official website also teases anime fans by asking, “What is the true identity of … Read more

Overlord Volume 17 ending the light novel series, says book author Kugane Maruyama in Overlord Volume 14

Artwork from the Overlord light novel series

UPDATE: In July 2022, Overlord light novel series creator Kugane Maruyama confirmed that he was changing his plans and Overlord Volume 18 is ending the story. The remainder of this news story remains as last published. Overlord light novel series creator Kugane Maruyama is reportedly saying that he plans on ending the Overlord books with … Read more