Isekai Quartet Season 2 release date: Anime sequel confirmed for 2020! Isekai Quartet 2 adds The Rising Of The Shield Hero’s Raphtalia and Naofumi

Isekai Quartet anime key art

Isekai Quartet Season 2 has been officially confirmed to be in production based on the final moments of Episode 12. It’s been announced that the new episodes for Isekai Quartet 2 will be airing in early 2020. What’s more, the official website also teases anime fans by asking, “What is the true identity of the … Read more

After Sword Art Online: Unital Ring Reki Kawahara wants to do girl-on-girl Yuri novel love stories like Citrus, Bloom Into You

Sword Art Online Season 3 poster showing Asuna and Alice

Famed Sword Art Online author Reki Kawahara has been talking about women a lot lately. Back in December, he apologized for how Sword Art Online: Alicization used sexual assault as a plot device. Now, he’s discussing how he wants to depict female characters in the future. But he also admitted that what he really wants … Read more

Sword Art Online: Unital Ring (Volume 21) released: Accel World connection and new SAO girls Argo and Kamura Shikimi revealed [Spoilers]

A fight scene in Sword Art Online Unital Ring

Sword Art Online Volume 21 by author Reki Kawahara and artist abec has finally been released in Japan. The new book launches the SAO: Unital Ring story arc that is a direct sequel to the ending of the Alicization arc in Volume 18. Unital Ring’s new characters are both a blast from the past and a … Read more

Sword Art Online: Unital Ring: Story, Kirito’s new armor, cat ears Alice, and Asuna’s costume revealed in light novel cover art for Reki Kawahara’s SAO Volume 21

Sword Art Online: Unital Ring key art

The cover art for the upcoming Sword Art Online: Unital Ring light novel has been released and it gives anime fans a tantalizing glimpse of what to expect from the next major story arc in the SAO series. Not only do we get to see Kirito in new heavy armor, “Cat Ears” Alice, and Asuna’s … Read more

Gun Gale Online Volume 9 release date confirmed: Sword Art Online Alternative: GGO light novels continue LLENN’s story

LLENN in Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

The release date for Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Volume 9 has been confirmed to be coming up very soon in 2018. Based on information Reddit users provided from Kadokawa’s Dengeki Bunko imprint, the ninth book in the GGO light novel series is scheduled to be released on December 7, 2018. While the main SAO series, … Read more

Sword Art Online: Unital Ring: SAO: Volume 21 release date confirmed for the light novel sequel to the Alicization story arc

Kirito in Sword Art Online: Unital Ring

Updated November 16, 2018: Added SAO Volume 21 cover art and exact title name. UPDATE: Please read the latest article for the full Sword Art Online: Unital Ring story summary now that the light novel has been released. The remainder of this article remains as is since the last update. The long-awaited Sword Art Online: Unital … Read more