Jpop group Sexy Zone to perform live-action Tomodachi Game R4 anime’s theme song

Jpop band Sexy Zone

On July 15, 2022, the staff for the upcoming live-action TV series inspired by Yuki Sato’s Tomodachi Game manga, titled Tomodachi Game R4 announced that the Jpop band Sexy Zone will perform the show’s theme song titled “Trust Me, Trust You”. After reading the show’s script, singer-songwriter Dai Hirai composed the song with its themes … Read more

Tomodachi Game Season 2 release date predictions

Tomodachi Game 2 anime characters

The Tomodachi Game Season 2 anime TV series will continue revealing the vicious nature of the supposed friendship game, but this time by putting their friendship on trial and… with an Adult Tomodachi Game!? But when will Tomodachi Game Season 2 come out? The latest announcement is that a new live-action Tomodachi Game R4 TV … Read more

Tomodachi Game manga ending soon? Big announcement teased for series in 2022

Friends Game manga ending

The Tomodachi Game manga’s ending is already on the horizon. The manga series is already officially in Tomodachi Game’s final arc and it’s possible the climax and final chapter are coming up soon. On June 6, 2022, news leakers Manga Mogura and Sneaky both claimed that the Tomodachi Game franchise will have an important announcement soon. Considering the timing … Read more

How to beat Badmouth Sugoroku in Tomodachi Game

Tomodachi Game

It’s been a month since I talked about Tomodachi Game, but now Tomodachi Game Episode 6 is out, and Badmouth Sugoroku is over! So, now I can break down the game, origins, rules, mistakes, strategies, and secrets revealed over the last four-and-a-half episodes. I can also safely predict that Season 1 will give us two … Read more

Top 10 anime OP music of Spring 2022: Opening songs from YouTubers like PelleK and Nasuo to Jrock bands like MADKID and QUEENDOM

Screencap from MADKID's music video for Bring Back

The Spring 2022 anime season has managed to bring us a great selection of opening theme songs that are great in their uniqueness. There are Jrock songs mixed with rapping and even heavy metal, grunge rock songs, Jpop songs that are fun and catchy, and some songs that are so jazzy they have us remembering … Read more