Trigun Stampede anime reboot releases amazing new galactic concept art

Trigun Stampede concept art

On August 19, 2022, Trigun Stampede’s official Twitter account unveiled concept art by Kouji Tajima for the upcoming reboot of Yasuhiro Nightow’s post-apocalyptic, space western manga/anime Trigun. The first piece, which is the header of this article, depicts a young Vash wandering alone through the bleak, desert landscape. The sun is beating down on him … Read more

Trigun Maximum anime remake reportedly could reboot Vash the Stampede’s story sequel

Trigun Maximum vol 1

Is a Trigun Maximum anime release date coming up over the horizon? On June 8, 2022, two reliable anime news leakers with more hits than misses announced that a Trigun reboot or remake would be a new anime adaptation. SPANKU4k(@Spanku_u) commented, “Trigun is getting a new anime adaptation! Official announcement and more info very soon!” … Read more

Top 10 most stylish anime characters and the fashion clothing, cosplays they inspired

Spy X Family Dior Collab and Yor Cosplay

It’s hard for anime fans not to notice that some of their favorite anime characters are extremely stylish. Still, some anime characters are more stylish than others and have even inspired people to cosplay their iconic looks and signature outfits. Many anime characters’ looks are simply unforgettable and are talked about years later. The mangaka … Read more