1/144 G Gundam Model Kits get reissued in November 2019

1/144 G Gundam Model Kits
Some of the 1/144 G Gundam Model Kits will be getting reissued later this year. Pic credit: Bandai Spirits

One of my guilty anime pleasures has to be ‘Mobile Fighter G Gundam’. Set in an alternate timeline of the Gundam universe this series took a more campy action packed shōnen direction with villains of the week and each country on Earth being represented in a grand martial arts tournament using custom mobile suits.

Bandai Spirits has now announced that some of their 1/144 Mobile Fighter G Gundam series kits will be getting a reissue later this year. This is to celebrate the release of their HGFC 1/144 Death Army (Dark Army) kit that will also be released in November which comes with a Death Rifle and Spiked Knuckle accessory.

The line up includes the main Gundams from the series; 1/144 God Gundam (Burning Gundam), 1/144 Shining Gundam, 1/144 Dragon Gundam, 1/144 Bolt Gundam, 1/144 Gundam Rose, and 1/144 Gundam Maxter.

Also included in this reissue will be; HGFC 1/144 Nobel Gundam Berserker Mode, 1/144 Master Gundam, 1/144 Spiegel Gundam (Shadow Gundam), 1/144 Rising Gundam, and 1/144 Devil Gundam (Dark Gundam). These kits will become available on November of 2019 (photos from digitamin).

Hopefully these kits end up being popular and we’ll get releases of some of the more ridiculous Gundams from the series such as Neo Holland’s Hurricane Gundam (the one with a windmill stuck on the front body), Neo Mexico’s Tequila Gundam, and Neo Denmark’s Mermaid Gundam.



What other model kits from the series are you hoping to see get a re-release? Let us know!

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