A Galaxy Next Door trailer PV reveals the Otonari ni Ginga release date in April 2023

A Galaxy Next Door key visual. Pic credit: Asahi Production

The A Galaxy Next Door release date will be in April 2023, the Fall 2023 anime season. We’ll have to wait a bit for the exact premiere date, so stay tuned!

On November 2, 2022, the official A Galaxy Next Door website revealed a key visual (the image on top) and a trailer PV, both of which preview two main characters Ichirou Kuga and Shiori Goshiki.

Take a look at the first trailer PV for the Otonari ni Ginga anime series:

Two additional cast members were also announced on the occasion (see below for a full list).

The A Galaxy Next Door timeline

The anime adaptation of the A Galaxy Next Door (おとなりに銀河, Otonari ni Ginga) manga series was announced in April 2022.

Ryuichi Kimura (Vampire Knight) is directing the series at Asahi Production (Peach Boy Riverside). Additional staff members include Gigaemon Ichikawa (The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made) as the series composer and Tomoka Ootaki as the character designer.

Additional staff members include:

  • Arisa Taira —art director
  • Masumi Ootsuka — color designer
  • Ryou Kujirai — compositing director of photography
  • Kumiko Shishido — props designer
  • Yuki Honda — editor
  • Ryou Tanaka — sound director

The A Galaxy Next Door cast members that have been announced so far include:

Rina Endou and Maria Naganawa are the newly-announced seiyuu mentioned above.

Endou says she’s read the manga and sees it as a “heartwarming story.” Naganawa is “very happy” to portray Fumio Kuga and will give her best to portray Fumio’s “unique form of love.” “This work is filled with all kinds of love,” Naganawa concludes.

The A Galaxy Next Door manga series

As mentioned above, the Otonari ni Ginga TV anime is based on the eponymous manga series by Gido Amagakure.

The title debuted in Kodansha’s seinen manga magazine Good! Afternoon in April 2020 and is still ongoing. The individual chapters have been collected into four tankōbon volumes as of May 6, 2022.

Kodansha USA has licensed the series and has published three volumes so far. The Otonari ni Ginga Volume 4 will be out on December 27, 2022.

The plot focuses on Kuga Ichirou, who is an aspiring mangaka. After his father’s death, Ichirou has to provide for his two siblings. Thereupon he is paired with an assistant, namely Goshiki Shiori, who claims to be an extraterrestrial princess!

As the story progresses, the relationship between the two evolves. A Galaxy Next Door is a rom-com title, so the epilogue shouldn’t be too difficult to guess.

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