Ace of Diamond Act 3 manga sequel about East Tokyo Finals planned by creator Yuji Terajima

Sawamura Eijun
An Ace of Diamond manga sequel will continue the story of Sawamura Eijun in the East Tokyo Finals. The Daiya no Ace Act 3 manga is already being planned out by the creator, but it’ll likely be in a digital-only format that’s not released weekly. Pic credit: Yuji Terajima

The Ace of Diamond Act 3 manga might be pitching new chapters to fans in a new way in the future.

This is not much of a surprise to manga readers since Ace of Diamond Act 2 Chapter 308 ended the series on a cliffhanger note so there’s no way the entire story will end in this manner.

According to manga news leaker Manga Mogura RE, creator Yuji Terajima does want to create another Ace of Diamond sequel. It’s not directly stated that “Daiya no Ace Act 3” is planned by this exact title, but the mangaka does want to finish the East Tokyo Finals story arc.

“I haven’t decided how it’ll look yet but I do intend to draw Teito vs Ugumori High,” Terajima reportedly said.

Ace of Diamond Final Chapter
The ending of Ace of Diamond Act 2 is finally here after 7 years. Pic credit: Yuji Terajima

The main issue is that Terajima was struggling with keeping up with the weekly release schedule demanded by Weekly Shounen Comics magazine, so he decided to end the manga’s serialization in the magazine.

It’s claimed that Terajima “got burnt out writting Ace of Diamond II and didn’t want his mental status to affect the story and characters.”

He reportedly wants to create the Ace of Diamond: East Tokyo Finals arc “on a less page-restricted platform like Magazine Pocket web service.” As such, new chapters would release when Terajima is finished rather than when a magazine demands that it be ready.

Keep in mind that the sequel could be released under a different title other than Ace of Diamond Act 3. After all, the title was Ace of Diamond primarily because it was the legend of Sawamura Eijun becoming the ideal ace.

Thus, the shift in focus could be reflected by a new title since Eijun achieved his goal in the second act’s finale chapter by becoming the ace of the diamond.

Ace of Diamond hiatus planned for the near future due to health concerns

The Ace of Diamond Act 3 release date hasn’t been announced. While Terajima apparently does plan on continuing the manga in Daiya no Ace Act 3, it’s reported that Terajima is taking a “long break for this mental health”.

“For the time being, now that the manga has ended, I’ll work on finishing the East Tokyo finals, while taking my time thinking about the future,” Terajima reportedly said.

This is not the first time a major Ace of Diamond hiatus was planned out by the mangaka. Back in 2015, Terajima took a break to prepare for the next series. In the Summer of 2021, he also took a two-month hiatus for research purposes.

However, this is the first time that Terajima has spoken about taking a break for health problems. Most manga fans are sympathetic when it comes to their favorite manga creators suffering from health problems.

Hunter x Hunter and Berserk have infamously been delayed for long periods at a time due to the health problems of the respective mangaka. So fans understand that manga creators shouldn’t neglect their health just to stick to a strict release schedule.

Ace of Diamond Final Chapter
The cover art of Weekly Shounen Magazine Issue 48, 2022 featured Ace of Diamond’s final chapter in the magazine. Pic credit: Weekly Shounen Magazine

Ace of Diamond Act 2 Chapter 308 ended the last series

The Ace of Diamond Act 2 manga’s ending was released in Weekly Shounen Comics Issue 48, 2022 on October 26, 2022. The final chapter, Daiya no Ace Act 2 Chapter 308, was fittingly titled “Ace of Diamond”.

“The No. 1 high school baseball manga has come to an end!! Thank you for supporting us for 16 years!” stated the editor’s note in the magazine.

The first act began serialization back in May 2006 and finished in January 2015 with Chapter 412. There were also multiple side story and a three-part epilogue released that year.

Ace of Diamond Act 2 began serialization on August 19, 2015. So it’s been a seven-year journey to finish this part of the story.

Ace Of Diamond Season 3 Anime Teaser Visual
A teaser visual for Ace Of Diamond Season 3 was released in January 2019. It features the characters Eijun Sawamura and Kazuya Miyuki. Pic credit: Studio Madhouse

Ace of Diamond Season 4 anime still needs to finish adapting Daiya no Ace Act 2

The first two seasons of the Ace of Diamond anime series by Studio Madhouse x Production I.G ran from October 2013 to March 2016 and included a total of 126 episodes. The second act was only partially adapted by the 52 episodes of Ace of Diamond Season 3, which ran from April 2019 to March 2020.

The third season only adapted the manga’s story through Ace of Diamond Act 2 Chapter 169. Thus, it’s possible that in the future an Ace of Diamond Season 4 will finish adapting the remaining chapters.

Let’s just be glad that Ace of Diamond Act 3 is continuing the story in the manga. Stay tuned!

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