Amongst Us English release date of webtoon announced by Seven Seas Entertainment

Amongst Us
Having your AU turned into a licensed release takes a special talent! Pic credit: Shilin Huang

Seven Seas Entertainment has announced on Twitter that the webtoon, Amongst Us, will be available in July 2023. Sadly, we don’t know how many chapters volume 1 will have, as the story is up to 46 chapters on the Webtoon app, and they’re very short.

But the tweet states the art will be in full color, and readers will get a kick out of some of the main characters’ shenanigans. If you don’t want to wait until next year to enjoy the story, head to the webtoon app and binge-read for free! Seven Seas Entertainment will release a physical and digital version, but there’s no word on what the price point is.

Amongst Us
Veloce and Blackbird are perfect for each other. But is the world ready to handle them? Pic credit: Shilin Huang

What is Amongst Us?

Despite having a similar title, this story has nothing to do with the popular game Among Us, unless one or both of our main characters play it! Amongst Us is an AU from the creator Shilin Huang’s webtoon, Carciphona.

In Amongst Us, Veloce and Blackbird are ordinary people in modern society. They’re stuck waiting at airports, playing video games, and love music.

Veloce plays the cello, and Blackbird is a conductor. Life is good, but it’s not always easy. Being in love with your polar opposite leads to amusing problems.

Especially when you compare them to their sorceress and assassin selves from Cariphona, it stands for an alternate universe if you don’t know what an AU is. The most common example is fanfiction.

But in this case, Amongst Us holds its right to be canon. You don’t have to read Cariphona to enjoy Amongst Us.

But given the art and how well the story flows, it’s certainly worth a look.

It’s full of memes!

It turns out that Veloce is a gamer. So when she and Blackbird are riding the subway home, she tells Blackbird to get her phone out of her pocket.

Blackbird asks if Veloce sees someone trying to pickpocket another passenger, but Veloce says no. However, someone is about to catch a Charizard, and she wants one!

Blackbird doesn’t seem amused, but if I were there, I’d go for the Charizard too. However, the description on Anime-Planet describes the story featuring some form of a dumpster fire, and the humor works well with it.

These women aren’t leading a charmed life, but it feels relatable. Sometimes they fight over little things, and sometimes over more important things.

Of course, what they deem minor or significant varies, but the relationship feels real.

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