Angels Of Death Season 2 release date confirmed, Satsuriku no Tenshi special episodes 13 through 16 ending the manga/game’s story

Angels Of Death Season 2 character art
Angels Of Death Season 2 is coming out in an unexpected manner in 2018. Pic credit: Kudan Naduka

Angels Of Death Season 2 is whipping around the corner quicker than faster than Zack’s scythe. The entire story will be told with 16 episodes, and the four remaining episodes will start streaming in the 2018 fall anime season.

The anime is only taking a small break before the Satsuriku no Tenshi Season 2 release date, which is set for October 5, 2018. A trailer video preview for Angels Of Death Episode 13 has already been released.

The odd part is that according to the official website the final episodes for Angels Of Death Season 2 will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in Japan. That’s a more surprising twist than anything in the anime’s plot, especially considering that Amazon Prime Video is not currently streaming the anime in North America.

Crunchyroll had the international license for streaming the first 12 episodes, and Funimation has been releasing the Angels Of Death English dub. Thankfully, on October 5th, Crunchyroll started streaming Episode 13 with English subs. It’s currently unknown what other streaming services will eventually stream Angels Of Death Season 2, although the website cryptically states, “After Episode 13, the episodes will be delivered at each distribution site, including Amazon Prime Video, etc.” Hopefully, that includes the English dub by Funimation.

Alternatively, all 16 episodes can also be purchased via the four Blu-ray/DVD volumes. Each box set comes with four episodes, so it’s Volume 4 that will contain the anime’s ending.

  • Volume 1: October 24, 2018
  • Volume 2: November 28, 2018
  • Volume 3: December 21, 2018
  • Volume 4: January 30, 2019

Unfortunately, that means waiting until 2019. It’s not a cheap option since a single Blu-Ray volume is roughly $115 USD (13,000 Yen).

Another option for seeing the ending of the story is to play the Angels Of Death game. An English language version (as well as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean) is available on Steam for $9.99 USD.

The final option is to read the ending in the Angels Of Death manga series by Kudan Nazuka and Makoto Sanada. By November 13, 2018, the English translation will be up to Volume 5 out of eight. Unfortunately, the manga adaptation has not yet reached the ending of the game’s story, so that’s a waiting game, as well.

Is a “real” Satsuriku no Tenshi Season 2 possible?

Some anime fans may wonder if a “real” Angels Of Death Season 2 is possible where the story continues from where Episode 16 leaves off. Without getting into spoilers, the game story’s ending does leave an opening for a sequel, but it’s possible the anime adaptation will provide more closure.

While the game never had a sequel, there is a manga prequel called Episode.0, which is written and illustrated by the same pair as the main series. It shows how Doctor Danny was working as a counselor and Cathy as a jailer along with her friend, Lucy. Both Danny and Cathy end up meeting the mysterious Reverend Abraham Gray, the creator of the facility. The story also introduces a new character named Shin, a pair of twin brothers who owned a store selling furniture made from human flesh.

Angels Of Death Episode.0 is currently up to Volume 2. While it’s uncertain whether the story will be long enough for a good Angels Of Death Season 2, there is already enough chapters for several OVA episodes. Or, perhaps an Angels Of Death movie? Stay tuned.

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