Anime Tourism Association contest for Japan travel surveys 88 tour for 2023!

Japanese Anime 88-Spots 2023
Do you want to see your favorite anime locations in person? Then vote now for a chance to win some money to travel around Japan! Pic credit: ATA/HCS

The Anime Tourism Association opened its annual online survey for a list of fantastic anime locations. If you don’t see your favorite spot, don’t worry because you can add it to the list, and it can be voted for as long as it makes it to the final list of locations.

The survey will be online until September 30 and is available in Japanese, English, and Chinese. Physical locations are available in Japan, and they will accept handwritten votes from July 1 to August 31.

Anime Tourism 88 Spots
The Narita Airport T2 is ground zero for the tour. Just be careful you don’t spend all of your money there! Pic credit: KON’CHA! Japan Travel Guide

Additional prizes you can win just by entering!

Participants in the online survey are entered in a draw. 1st prize will have one winner and get 231 USD electronically.

2nd prize will have two winners and receive a 150 USD gift card for and an additional reward. Finally, 3rd prize will have five winners, and they will receive 77 USD.

1st and 2nd prize winners must provide the Association with photos and reports of their visit to the anime spots they voted for as a condition for receiving their prize. The submitted photos and reports may be posted on the Association’s site and other publications.

Multiple entries are allowed, but there will only be one prize per person. The 88 anime pilgrimage is modeled after Japan’s famous Buddhist pilgrimage, the Shikoku’s 88 Temple pilgrimage.

Kadokawa and various tourism companies founded the Anime Tourism Association in 2016. They aim to attract tourists and bolster regional revitalization projects throughout Japan.

When will we know who won?

The 2023 Anime 88 Spots winners will be announced in the winter of 2022. For more details and inquiries, please visit the site.

It is worth noting that you get to choose where you want to go, even if you don’t win a prize. You can still visit whichever spot you want.

We all know about Tokyo and Shibuya, but why stop there when you can see all of Narita? How about Ikeboukouro or Hokkiado?

Japan is a beautiful country rich in history and culture. Even if you can only afford to stay a week, then make that week the best of your life!

You don’t need to be an anime fan to enjoy Japan, but it helps when you’re cosplaying and reenacting your favorite scenes!

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