Another review: This horror anime is fantastic!

Who will survive the Calamity in Another? Pic credit: P. A. Works

Another is a horror lover’s dream. It references some of the greats like Stephen King, John Saul, and H. P. Lovecraft.

Fans of Higurashi: When They Cry, and Final Destination will adore this series. Thank you, Crunchyroll, for putting this in my recommendations because those five hours had me squirming with anticipation!

Before going on, let me warn you that Another is not a neat package. We know how the Calamity or curse begins, but everything else is thrown out the window.

There’s no fan service and no romance. We get some drama concerning our male lead and another girl, but it doesn’t detract from the core of this series.

I’ve only seen the anime, and I want more! The anime is based on a novel under the same title by Yukito Ayatsuji, and Hiro Kiyohara illustrates a manga adaptation.

There’s also a prequel manga, OVA, a spin-off novel, a side novel, and a sequel novel that will be translated in June 2022. In addition, a live-action film adaptation under the same name was released in Japan on August 4, 2012.

Can you still enjoy the anime without reading anything? Yes, but I’m betting we’ll get more answers if we dive into this school and its unfortunate class.

Can our main leads figure out how to survive till graduation? Pic credit: P. A. Works

What is Another about?

26 years ago, a well-liked student called Misaki died. But one day, someone said, “She isn’t dead. She’s right there!” and he pointed at her desk.

Everyone in the class started to believe it and the principal arranged to have Misaki’s desk in the graduation photo. It should have ended there, but then people started dying.

At least one person a month until certain conditions were discovered. In the spring of 1998, Kouichi transferred to Class 3-3.

The same class is cursed, and what’s more, there’s a girl with an eyepatch named Misaki. A girl who no one else can see.

Can Kouichi figure out the mysteries before it’s too late? Can he save himself or fall victim to the Calamity?

What is the connection between the Mei Misaki of 1998 and the Misaki of 1972?

Is Another worth watching?

The pacing is excellent, and there is a happy ending. But, unfortunately, it just takes a lot of deaths to get there.

The Calamity is taboo and common knowledge within the class and the staff. Nevertheless, Kouichi adepts quickly and doesn’t fall into despair.

Each episode raises the tension without going overboard until you reach the end. Another has a beach episode, but that serves the plot in a big way.

Another will leave you wanting more but satisfied. The major problem for me was the last episode. Mob mentality comes out with a flimsy reason, people are dying everywhere, and the building is on fire.

The Calamity remains for future generations to deal with, and that’s ok. Because the methods the class discovers can only improve, and I hope they do.

Because this anime touches on bullying, murder, and suicide, I advise caution when watching. However, the animation is beautiful, and the opening is a hook that won’t let go.

Even the opening song has layers that will tease you till the end. The opening song is Nightmare Contagion in English and is performed by Ali Project.

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