Anya Forger Nesoberi Lay-Down plush is available for pre-order!

Spy x Family
Anya is now a lay-down pillow! Pic credit: SEGA Goods

With Spy x Family anime back with new episodes, our friends at SEGA Goods and Crunchyroll have decided to grace us with an Anya Forger Nesoberi Lay-Down plush! She’s approximately 8″ and is made out of plush.

But at $29.95, she won’t break your wallet, and the pre-order ends on October 27, 2022. Anya is expected to ship around October 2023. But don’t let that stop you from buying this adorable plush!

Spy x Family
Anya is ready for cuddles! Pic credit: SEGA Goods

A perfect match!

Anya is one of the cutest characters I’ve ever seen, and making her into a plush, especially one you can use as a pillow, is a natural choice. Her personality never fails to dominate the screen, and the shenanigans she gets into are all over the place.

Especially with a new family member about to be named in the anime’s second half, will we get it in Spy x Family Episode 3? Anya is just as mysterious as when we first saw her in episode 1, but her character growth is a treat.

Although Anya is afraid of Loid and Yor, or anyone, finding out about her powers, she doesn’t hesitate to help her family. Of course, it doesn’t always work out, but she tries.

And that’s what matters! I’ll never get tired of watching Anya trick her parents. “Mama, help! I’m being kidnapped!” “Papa, I want to eat at that place!

Anya is a fountain of good quotes and never fails to make me smile. And this plush version is no different. She’s wearing her Eden uniform, with some lovely details to make the plush fleshed out.

Mr. Dog can see the future!

Observant fans already know why the dog, Bond, can see the future. But will we see more of Project Apple in season 1? And how well can Anya make use of his abilities while hiding her own?

Both have proven to be very smart, but they can get distracted or frightened quickly. We still don’t know how Anya escaped from the scientists experimenting on her.

And the odds of Anya and Bond being the only ones with powers is very low. But since we just got Bond, I doubt we’ll see another telepath or psychic soon.

Spy x Family has excellent pacing; every episode feels like it needs to be there. And characters receive a decent amount of screen time and development.

I never want this series to end!

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