Anya Forger x ???? (Bond Forger) figure is a Spy x Family mystery preorder

Spy x Family
This latest figure of Anya has her riding something. What is it, and will we find out before the pre-order ends? Pic credit: SEGA

Even though the first cour of Spy x Family Season 1 ended, our love for Anya’s antics haven’t diminished. And now SEGA has created this beautiful PM figure that captures Anya’s personality and a mysterious mount!

I’m guessing it’s a Bond Forger figure, the lovable pooch we’ll see more of in Spy x Family Part 2. It could also be the giant penguin plushie or perhaps Mr. Chimera in a huge form.

But I’m betting it’s the dog, and I’ll gladly buy this figure to find out. Hopefully, the Crunchyroll Twitter will let us know before the pre-order ends.

SPY x FAMILY Characters
It’s predicted that both SPY x FAMILY Season 2 and a movie will be coming out in the future. Pic credit: Tatsuya Endo

What do we know about this Anya x Bond figure?

This figure is designed by SEGA and is 5.7 inches tall. Its made out of PVC and ABS and is $28.99. The pre-order will close on July 16, 2022, and will begin to ship in April 2023.

Regardless of what she’s riding, the attention to detail on Anya’s figure is stunning. Her uniform and hair look like they are moving in the breeze, and the goldish paint is perfect.

And considering she’s riding something, you’re practically getting two figures for less than $30!

Why I believe its the dog

Don’t worry, anime-only fans. Besides the name drop, there will be no more spoilers. My reasoning is based on the trailer for the 2nd cour!

In the trailer, Anya rides the dog’s back to stop someone. Who do they need to stop, and where are Loid and Yor in this situation?

I don’t know if the truth will get out during the 2nd cour, but I know that Loid and Yor are good parents. So, whoever Anya needs to stop will be in a world of hurt.

And once Bond is a formal member of the Forger family, you can bet he will protect his family and mostly Anya. Because dogs are great protesters, and Anya is the beloved mascot of this series.

Will it be cute to see her on a giant stuffed animal? Yes! But I’m still aiming for the dog. What do you think about this figure?

Leave a comment below, and let’s talk about it until the figure is out!

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