Arifureta Season 2 Episode 13, new OVA episode release date confirmed for 2022

Arifureta Season 2 Special Episode
Arifureta Season 2 Episode 13 will feature… Professor Yue!? Pic credit: Studio asread / Studio MOTHER

A new Arifureta OVA episode was announced shortly after the finale of Arifureta Season 2 Episode 12.

“Thank you for watching the final episode! Hajime and his friends leave with a new determination,” stated the official Twitter account. “In addition, OVA production is also decided. Hajime’s journey is not over yet! Stay tuned for more news!”

The Arifureta OVA release date is planned for Summer 2022. Please see the following trailer that was released on March 31, 2022.

The Arifureta 2022 OVA episode trailer.

The Arifureta OVA episode teaser features Oscar and Miledi Reisen and Oscar from the first season. Since they are standing side by side with Hajime, the new story will involve the Liberators who are the founders of the Great Labyrinths.

Arifureta Season 2 Episode 13 release date already happened

In addition to the Arifureta 2022 OVA episode, the Arifureta Season 2 Episode 13 already came out on March 23, 2022. The unaired episode was approximately 25 minutes long and it was packaged with Blu-Ray (BD) Volume 1.

Here is the story summary of the unaired episode, “A Mundane Side Trip to the World’s Strongest”:

“During a break in the trip, Shia asks Yue, who is skilled in handling magic, to teach her some magic tricks. Tio and Myuu agree, but for some reason, Hajime holds them back, saying that they should not do so. Yue’s magic class is then held. Afterward, Hajime and his friends decide to take a side trip. The town is lined with clothing stores, and they decide to buy Myuu’s favorite clothes. What begins there is not a shopping trip but a mutual exchange of clothes!?”

Similarly, two unaired Arifureta OVA episodes were released with the first season’s BD box set Volumes 2 and 3. They were titled Arifureta Episode 14: Yue’s Diary and Arifureta Episode 15: The Beginning of Love at the Hot Spring.

It’s unknown if these episodes, including the 2022 Arifureta OVA episode, will eventually be streaming on Crunchyroll. The second season was streaming exclusively on Funimation, but after Sony purchased both companies it was announced that the two streaming platforms will be merging content onto Crunchyroll starting in Spring 2022. The first season was still available for streaming on Crunchyroll as of March 31, 2022.

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest Season 3 anime renewal likely?

While the production of Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest Season 3 has not been announced yet, the fact that the anime TV series continues to announce new episodes is a good sign for the chances of the Arifureta Season 3 anime sequel being renewed.

The Arifureta Season 2 reviews are much improved from the first season, which could mean that Studio Asread will pull a Shia out of a magic hat by producing a third season. Let’s just hope for more good news this summer. Stay tuned!

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