Attack On Titan new ending: Manga alternative AoT: Akatsuki no Requeim changes Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 139 beyond 8 extra pages

Shingeki no Kyojin Akatsuki no Requeim
Attack On Titan: Akatsuki no Requeim intends on creating a new ending for the Shingeki no Kyojin manga. Pic credit: Akatsuki no Requeim

Attack On Titan’s new ending is officially being released with up to 8 extra pages, not Attack On Titan Chapter 140. But manga fans who did not like Shingeki no Kyojin 139 are now creating their own Attack On Titan alternative ending that calls itself Attack On Titan: Akatsuki no Requeim (or Shingeki no Kyojin: Akatsuki no Requiem).

As all fans know by now, creator Hajime Isayama completed his 11-year effort when Attack On Titan Chapter 139 released on April 9, 2021.

While many fans publicly thanked Isayama on Twitter, others were displeased with the ending. Some even created an Attack On Titan petition that demands Studio MAPPA change the ending to Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2, coming out in Winter 2022.

Needless to say, MAPPA changing Attack On Titan’s ending in the anime is highly unlikely to happen. But even the original creator is tweaking the ending himself. Attack On Titan’s new ending will be an extended cut that provides additional information about the fate of the characters.

The Attack On Titan Volume 34 release date is scheduled for June 9, 2021. The final volume will contain Chapters 134 through 139.

  • Updated May 31, 2021: Added links to the Attack On Titan Requiem website.

Attack On Titan’s extra pages leaked?

Attack On Titan’s extra pages were apparently leaked onto the internet ahead of the release of the final volume. Some seem to be fake while others might be real.

What is confirmed is that AoT Volume 34 will have an unknown number of extra pages.

Without getting into major spoilers, this new epilogue seems to set up the conditions for an Attack On Titan manga sequel.

The final volume will have two editions that include up to 8 additional pages not included in the magazine release of Chapter 139. Some refer to the extended ending as Attack On Titan 139.5.

Shingeki no Kyojin Akatsuki no Requeim
A preview of the Attack On Titan: Akatsuki no Requeim manga art. Pic credit: Akatsuki no Requeim

Attack On Titan: Akatsuki no Requeim release date in Spring 2021

Attack On Titan’s new ending in Akatsuki no Requeim will be a fan-made (doujinshi) alternate ending. It will be one “ultimate chapter” with an estimated 80-plus pages divided into two parts. The release date for Part 1 is scheduled for May 29, 2021, and Part 2 will release after the extra pages are completed.

The project is initially being released in English and Spanish with more languages to come. They even created their own music soundtrack listening as you read.

The team stresses the project is not going to generate any profit and they are not accepting any donations. They are discussing selling physical copies of Akatsuki no Requiem, but these book volumes would be sold at cost. They will be hosting the chapter for free on their own site once it’s completed.

The team bases the title on the official Attack On Titan ED theme song music “Akatsuki no Requiem” by Linked Horizon. According to the Attack On Titan Requiem project’s official Tumblr and Twitter page, the fan manga remake will begin rewriting the Attack On Titan manga’s ending starting with Chapter 136.

“We don’t have the direct intention to make this ‘better’ then the authentic ending- this is simply for fun,” explained the team. “Enjoying our project is a matter of personal preference. We’re putting in the most effort possible to deliver an ending that could stand as a stand-alone work for those dissatisfied with the ending to enjoy. It has been stated profusely but to repeat: this ending is not meant for everyone.”

In Attack On Titan: Akatsuki no Requeim, Ymir will apparently play a different role in the story. Pic credit: Akatsuki no Requeim

The main outstanding themes of Attack On Titan’s new ending will be the battle of ideologies, children from the forest theme, surpassing the father, the curse of Ymir, and breaking the cycle of hatred.

“We began with an outline of the major themes we wanted to address and their individual importance followed by the way we know it’s been tied in together. After extensive discussion we began to formulate the series of events in order to wrap everything up. Once our outline was put together we began to flesh out the first drafts of scenes. Discussion, adjustments, more fleshing out. Discussion, the addition of dialogue, even more fleshing out, until we had a pretty good base body. The drawing process however has allowed us to make visual changes and further adjustments to the dialogue as needed. We established a firm series of events but enough flexibility in the scenes to allow these changes for the storyboards and the subsequent discussions that follow.”

They know that Eren and Mikasa have a special relationship that they would like to conclude respectfully. They’re not saying if it will go the Erehisu (Eren x Historia) ship route rather than the Eremika route, either.

“This has nothing to do with substituting History for Mikasa,” the team tweeted. “It is an extension of a canonical event.”

Akatsuki no Requeim Historia
Preview artwork for Attack On Titan; Akatsuki no Requeim notably featured Historia. At one point, some AoT manga fans had shipped Historia and Eren rather than Mikasa. Pic credit: Akatsuki no Requeim

Instead, they say the alternative ending will be a plot-driven story, which means any romance will be a small portion of the story.

“Shipping really isn’t a huge focal point compared to the rest of the themes,” the team says. “While romance is explored, we want there to be a satisfying conclusion to all other relationships as well.”

They are aiming to address alleged plot holes and tie the themes together in a satisfying way. It will be a different kind of satisfaction from canon since many events are changed by Attack On Titan’s new ending. They desire to keep true to the intent of “betraying the readers” while still providing a satisfying end.

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