Attack On Titan 139 a bad ending, Shingeki no Kyojin ‘Snyder Cut’ of anime’s final season needed, claims petition

Attack On Titan Manga Ending Eren Yeager
In Attack On Titan 139, manga fans finally saw what happened to Eren Yeager and his friends according to creator Hajime Isayama. But can or should Studio MAPPA change the ending in Shingeki no Kyojin Season 4 Part 2? Pic credit: Studio MAPPA/Hajime Isayama

Was Attack On Titan Chapter 139 a bad ending? Manga fans who read the final chapter are divided, with many fans thanking creator Hajime Isayama for his 11-year effort. But others believe that Studio MAPPA should change the ending by essentially having a so-called “Snyder Cut” of the Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 anime TV series.

There are multiple petitions making the same claim. Some of the petitions are very simple and claim, “Fellow AoT fans, we all read chapters 137, 138 and 139. I believe most of us are unsatisfied with the plot holes, character arcs, and the ending, overall. Sign this petition to make MAPPA do an anime original ending.”

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But one petition that has already garnered over 5,000 signatures goes into detail in analyzing the story. The petition’s creator, Dr. Vibenari, claims the Attack On Titan manga’s ending came off as “very rushed” and “feels very thematically different, giving a lot of fans tonal whiplash.”

Before discussing the petition, it should be noted that Isayama himself has already tweaked the ending. The Attack On Titan Volume 34 release date is scheduled for June 9, 2021. The final volume will have two editions that include 8 additional pages not included in the magazine release, but it’s currently unknown how these pages will impact the ending.

Attack On Titan Final Volume
The Attack On Titan Volume 34 cover art. While it’s possible the extra pages will give more details there should not be any major changes to the conclusion of the story. Pic credit: Hajime Isayama

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Warning: The following contains major spoilers for the Attack On Titan 139 manga chapter. This article purposefully doesn’t reveal all of the details but anime-only audiences should consider themselves forewarned.

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The petition creator starts off by pointing how disturbing it was that Founder Ymir’s motivations for her actions were essentially Stockholm Syndrome. Despite King Fritz burning down her home, killing her father, tearing out her tongue, and continually raping her as part of a forced marriage, Ymir was truly “in love” and that is why Ymir’s restriction persisted for thousands of years.

It was Ymir’s hope that she could be freed from the pain of her love. And, eventually, someone arrived who could do so.

“Something just feels off about romanticizing something like that,” Dr. Vibenari writes.

Another creepy message was that Eren told Mikasa in Attack On Titan 138 to “forget him,” but then in manga Chapter 139 Eren admits to Armin that he doesn’t want Mikasa to move on and love another man. Instead, Eren wants Mikasa to “hold [him] in her heart for a long time!”

The petition creator also criticizes how Attack On Titan 139 changed Eren Jaeger’s goals and motivations, rendering “everything in the story … rather pointless.” It’s claimed that “characters like Mikasa Ackerman and Historia Reiss now feel sort of wasted [since] everything feels far too different from the story that we’ve come to know.”

“This doesn’t feel thematically correct with everything that has occurred within Attack on Titan, the ending very feels out of place. The romance itself could fit perfectly if Eren was a tad bit less creepy about it. It’s just odd he wants her to love him for years even after he dies, he doesn’t even want her to find another man. That seems more like obsession which didn’t sit right with some.”

The petition writer also criticized how certain characters seemed to have plot armor even though Isayama had no problems killing off others in past chapters. Eren is considered a “victim” of Attack On Titan 139 and somehow he was the “cause of his own mother’s death.”

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Shingeki no Kyojin Manga Ending
A teaser image for the Attack On Titan manga’s ending that was released beforehand indicated that Eren Yeager would not receive a happy ending. Pic credit: Kodansha
  • Updated April 30, 2021: Added number of extra pages for final volume. Added Volume 34 cover art.

Was Attack On Titan Chapter 139’s ending influenced by Kodansha’s manga editors?

The petition writer believes the ending battle against the final antagonist was too easily achieved and asked, “Throughout the whole story of Attack on Titan the power of ‘friendship’ has never prevailed, so why is it different here?”

The petitioner claims that Attack On Titan 139 essentially used the “Talk no Jutsu” trope, a “technique” from the Naruto series where the protagonist can change the ideology of evil, depressed, and twisted people in a matter of mere minutes.

It’s also believed that the ending left several plot threads hanging, including questions like, “What happened to the Titan Parasite?”, “Did the Titan shifters in the paths die? Because it seems they can survive death,” and, “Why didn’t Eren control the Titans he made?”

The petition insists that “a very large portion of the fandom from what I’ve witnessed believes that Kodansha or Isayama’s Editor has heavily influenced the ending to perhaps [make it] fit a more ‘shounen'” type of ending.”

The petition writer doesn’t cite any evidence for this assertion. By contrast, in early 2021 Isayama is quoted as saying, “The editorial team never rushed me to finish the series, but I’ve been continually asked, ‘When will it end?’ Thank you for waiting for me. I will do my best until the last page so you will feel satisfied with what you’ve read.”

In January 2021, Isayama was also asked if the ending would be “unpredictable” and he replied, “We will see!”

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The manga creator was also asked if Attack On Titan 139 would contain a “happy ending” and he said, “I’ve never thought about whether the ending is happy or not.”

It’s notable that the entire series has references to Scandinavian mythology. Essentially, the Attack On Titan manga’s ending was Ragnarok, where the world is destroyed in the war between the gods, and now humanity’s story can begin.

Attack On Titan Final Panel
“You are free.” The original final panel for the Attack On Titan manga’s ending as colorized by fans. Pic credit: amanomoon

Attack On Titan’s final panel for the manga’s ending changed

Way back in Fall 2018, Hajime Isayama revealed to the world that he knew how the entire story was going to end and teased the so-called “final panel” for the manga series. It showed a long-haired man holding a baby saying, “You are free.”

This final panel was shown off in exhibitions and caused plenty of speculation amongst the fandom. Some thought it was Eren with Historia’s child. Others thought it might be future generations of Eldians free of the Titan curse.

Everyone was wrong. Instead, it was a flashback to Grisha holding baby Eren that was revealed in stored memories from the Founding Titan powers.

The petition points out that Grisha mentioning to Eren how he is “free” would not make sense as “Grisha quite literally forced Eren into being a Titan from what it seemed.”

One aspect that stood about the Attack On Titan manga’s ending in Chapter 139 is that the final panel was not, in fact, the real final panel. Instead, the final panel implied that Eren had reincarnated as a bird that visits a grieving Mikasa.

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Shingeki no Kyojin 139 Bird Eren
Attack On Titan’s ending goes full circle by having Mikasa sitting under the very tree that Chapter 1 opened with. She finds herself surprised by a bird wrapping her scarf around her neck just as she was wishing she could see Eren again. Pic credit: Hajime Isayama

It’s possible that Isayama’s plans for the ending evolved over time. Or, Isayama intended the so-called “final panel” with Grisha to be a red herring to throw manga fans off, so they were surprised by the actual ending.

After all, the scene from the original “final panel” did still play a role, but it was relegated to a minor note in the first third of Attack On Titan 139 rather than a triumphant happy ending.

While Eren reincarnating as a bird seems bizarre at first glance, keep in mind that birds are the embodiment of the wings of freedom. Birds symbolize freedom since they have the freedom to roam the earth and fly the skies. In Japan, birds can also symbolize love.

In retrospect, Isayama kept including panels with birds flying overhead during the last several story arcs. So, this heavy foreshadowing seems to indicate that Isayama did, in fact, plan out this ending several years ago.

【特報】TVアニメ「進撃の巨人」The Final Season 第76話「断罪」NHK総合にて今冬放送!

Attack On Titan: Final Season Part 2 release date set for Winter 2022

Whether or not Studio MAPPA could make some tweaks to the ending at the direction of Isayama is unknown. What is certain is that FUNimation has officially confirmed that the Attack On Titan: Final Season Part 2 release date is scheduled for Winter 2022.

The anime TV series will pick up the Final Season again in the winter with Attack On Titan Episode 76 (or Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 17).

The petition ended by stating that “the main problem was that the story’s conclusion felt very unsatisfying and too tonally different from the story the fandom and I have grown up with.” The petition also asks that the fandom should not harass Isayama for how he chose to end the manga series.

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Do you think the anime’s ending should tweak or change the ending provided by Attack On Titan Chapter 139?

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1 year ago

I don’t know, regardless of the fact that I really liked this ending and that I always feel like asking a creator to change the ending to THEIR OWN story is an incredibly stupid and disrespectful act, I read the whole reasoning behind Dr Vibenari’s petition, and I felt like he didn’t really get some parts of plot and he branded as “creepy” other parts just because he couldn’t empathise with the characters doing them. Not understanding something is a valid reason for not liking it, but it shouldn’t lead to this kind of organized stupidity.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bakamaru
1 year ago

The only thing I’m unsatisfied with is that mikasa ended up a sad lonely life. I wish she ended up living a normal life just like their other comrades after many years passed. She deserved better

1 year ago
Reply to  Ushoma

To be honest…. well idk kinda complicated but is not our feelings that are at stake she was happy ik he died and she shoul’ve moved on but she was happy being next to him so she wasn’t sad! she was sad that he was gone but she is happy to be close to him and he meant a lot to her

1 year ago
Reply to  Sunshine

my problem with the ending was that eren stated that he just did what the paths told him to do and that just aint it since eren always talked about freedom it ruined his character to reavel that he just did what the path told him to sorry for the bad grammar im using my tablet

1 year ago

Even if the ending was bad, it is the most embarrassingly petulant thing I can imagine to complain to an author to change their own story.

But what makes it even worse is that the things they are complaining about aren’t even coherent; assuming that Ymir’s motivations were meant to be anything other than ugly, dark, and tragic…forgetting that Eren’s confession about wanting Mikasa not to move on was only the (understandably) selfish half of how he felt, and that he also really does want her to live a happy, normal life, etc. There isn’t one item in that petition that rests on anything but arbitrary preference or simply misunderstanding the material.

Personally, I’m just surprised to find out how many childish idiots have been fans of the same story I have.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jojo

I disagree. I think we fans have a right asking for a ending change. We fans made the show big we purchased the manga, watched the anime, we bought merchandise, we recommended the show to our friends and family… So yes we have a right asking for a new ending if we didn’t liked the old one.

1 year ago

When I first saw AOT I was like: Is nothing new unique is cool Titans but we had many work of fiction with Titans… Then we got a plot twist that humans can turn into Titans. That those humans attacked the walls. Then I was interested in the story. The best plot twist and what opened the show for me was the basement reveal. Then I thought to myself: maybe AOT will end as a unique masterpiece somthing what will be remembered for ages and ages. I loved the way how the story was progressing I liked the characters and they backstory that not everything is black and white. Then I get this? I GET THIS??? I really thought AOT would be a unique show what will be remembered 50, 100, 200+ years later like we do with Death Note for example. I was wrong is just a copy and paste of a lot of Shonen mangas at the end and start of the story (the middle part was the peak the golden age of this show) and it copied the Code Geass Lelouch ending. Really disappointed I expected more from AOT. When I read Shonen mangas I know that not a single one will have a unique ending all of them are cliché and that’s FINE. I still like them but I expected so much more from AOT. The fact that we had almost NO SACRIFICES to the side who opposed Eren. I don’t talk about the 80% no name characters I talk about NAMED characters. Is funny that Eren with thousands of colossal Titans and a army of past Titan Shifters was only able kill Hange. Hange is basically the only sacrifice among those 80% of people Jean is fine Connie is fine Gabi is fine normal humans with no titan powers who are NOT Ackermann you would think atleast they will die, Reiner fine, Pieck fine… Everyone is FINE. WHAT? If this was season 1,2 or 3 of AOT they would all be dead. Remember in season 1 or 2 or 3 how a 10 or 15 meter titan would wipe out many NAMED characters not those no name off screen characters… Is beyond me that this war for humanity’s survival only took down Hange as a big sacrifice Eren and Floch doesn’t count they are on the opposite side. Also what happened with the centipede spine thing Hallucigenia? Is it dead? How did it died? What was the whole purpose of this thing fighting outside of Eren if it had no relevance? Why? Why again? Why why why? Waste of pages waste of ink waste of time for all those previous chapters Isayama could just ignore that Hallucigenia thing and no one would have cared just say: The founder Ymir got her power from a actual God or Devil and no one would be mad… But THIS??? Where is Yelena? So many unanswered questions PLOT HOLES ?. You ignore showing Yelena or the Hallucigenia both extremely important plot holes what should be shown or mentioned. Also humanity still wanting war with the Eldia is the only LOGICAL plot line in this last chapter. Everything else makes 0 ZERO sense is like a 8yo old wrote it down. What I don’t like is that Eren’s sacrifice was for NOTHING. Hange for nothing previous wars for nothing Sasha’s sacrifice for NOTHING. He even killed his OWN mother for NOTHING. Eldia isn’t free they still fight. If you ask me they can go F themselves I would gladly kill the rest 20% of the world outside of Paradise Island. Also the fact that Eren never showed any and when I say any I mean ANY emotions to Mikasa and now this? It was always one sided always Mikasa jumping on him. Eren and Mikasa shipers can you plz point me out ONE moment where Eren simps for Mikasa JUST ONE? It was always Mikasa simping for Eren Armin and Annie makes sense. It was hinted that they like each other. Eren NEVER showed any emotions besides BESTO FRENDO to Mikasa and Armin. Also Ymir ohhh Ymir… Ymir… she… You know. Eren letting his Mom die makes NO sense. If he could control Dina to ignore Bertholdt he could also make Dina to ignore his own mother.

What I liked is the symbolism of Parasitic Jaeger (a real bird) and the meaning of 139 and 140. I recommend everyone to read the wiki and meaning of 139, 140 and the bird Parasitic Jaeger.

AOT started bad mediocre had a awesome middle part was almost a masterpiece to me and NOW THIS! I’m extremely disappointed from this show it had potential but it failed (don’t feel offended if you have a different opinion). I still think the show overall is a 7,5/10. The ending is for me 6/10 if the ending was different better I would give the overall show overall a 8,5/10 but yeah I need give it overall a 7,5/10.

john adam
john adam
1 year ago


john adam
john adam
1 year ago


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