Attack On Titan Part 2 sequel: Shingeki no Kyojin 139.5 extra pages leaked, tease new AoT ending

Attack On Titan Eren Mikasa Child Kid
The extra pages of the epilogue in Attack On Titan Chapter 139.5 will have manga fans arguing over the merits of the ending all over again. Pic credit: Anime B***s Deep

Is an Attack On Titan Part 2 manga sequel possible? Attack On Titan’s extra pages leaked onto the internet this past week. What stands out is that Attack On Titan’s new ending seems to kick the door open for an Attack On Titan sequel.

Creator Hajime Isayama completed his 11-year effort Attack On Titan Chapter 139 released on April 9, 2021. Then it was announced that Attack On Titan Volume 34, which contains Chapters 134 through 139, will contain an unknown number of extra pages.

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The final volume is coming out on June 9, 2021. Rather than Attack On Titan 140, this extended ending has been labeled as Attack On Titan 139.5 by manga fans.

Needless to say, the remainder of this news story will contain major spoilers for Attack On Titan’s new ending.

Attack On Titan’s extra pages show the future of Mikasa’s family

The original ending in Attack On Titan 139 seemed to end the series with finality. Eren Jaeger created out of himself a monster that the entire world could unite against in an Alliance. When the dust settled, much of the world had been destroyed and titan powers were supposedly gone forever.

Eren reveals that Ymir’s restriction persisted for thousands of years since she was truly “in love” with King Fritz despite all the horrific things he did to her during their forced marriage. It was Ymir’s hope that she could be freed from the pain of her love. And, eventually, someone arrived who could do so: Mikasa.

Attack On Titan 139.5 addresses this issue from another perspective. Mikasa is depicted cradling Eren’s head in her arms and confronting a silent Ymir.

“So it was you… the one viewing the world through my all this time,” Mikasa said to Ymir in Attack On Titan’s extra pages. “I think your love was that of a long nightmare. The past lives will never return, but thanks to the lives you gave birth to here I now stand. Rest in peace, Ymir.”

It also turned out that King Fritz died in the past.


Serving as a brilliant meta-commentary, Attack On School has nerdy Armin and Goth Mikasa arguing over the artistic merits of the SnK ending.

The original ending in Shingeki no Kyojin 139 also had Mikasa sitting under the very tree that Chapter 1 opened with. She finds herself surprised by a bird wrapping her scarf around her neck just as she was wishing she could see Eren again.

Eren reincarnating as a bird seems bizarre at first glance, but keep in mind that birds are the embodiment of the wings of freedom. Birds symbolize freedom since they have the freedom to roam the earth and fly the skies. In Japan, birds can also symbolize love.

Of course, the original ending implied that Mikasa ended up living out a sad, lonely life. What’s more, in an earlier panel Eren revealed his true selfish feelings to Armin, admitting that he doesn’t want Mikasa to move on and love another man. Instead, Eren wants Mikasa to “hold [him] in her heart for a long time!”

Attack On Titan 139.5 apparently changes Mikasa’s fate to a more happy ending where’s she able to move on. “Granny Mikasa” is shown visiting Eren’s grave with her future family at the foot of the tree, which has grown enormously over time.

Old Mikasa apparently married Jean (maybe) and she had children and even grandchildren. The next page is a time skip showing Granny Mikasa dead in a coffin while still wearing Eren’s scarf.

Attack On Titan 139.5

Attack On Titan 139.5 teases a manga sequel?

The next panel jumps ahead to a time when Paradis is a modern city at war. Anti-air missiles are shown firing back at jet bombers destroying Paradis Island, which is reduced to skyscraper rubble.

The final two pages are when the opening for an Attack On Titan Part 2 sequel is created. After a long time of skip of unknown length, a young girl or boy who suspiciously resembles Mikasa is traveling with a dog through the old ruins.

This apparent descendant of Mikasa journeys to the foot of Eren’s tree, which now resembles Ymir’s tree. The bottom of the large tree even has an entrance to where the power of the titans lays dormant.

It’s possible creator Hajime Isayama is teasing an Attack On Titan sequel by extending the ending with extra pages in this manner.

Or, he’s simply pointing out the danger of the bloody cycle of violence and endless war starting again. After all, humans are their own worst enemy and nothing has changed the nature of humanity.

Either way, we’ll know more for certain when Attack On Titan’s extra pages are officially released. Stay tuned!

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