Ayakashi Triangle anime releases a new visual, cast details

Ayakashi Triangle
It’s hard to tell who has it worse in this situation. Pic credit: Connect

On September 23, 2022, @ayakashi_anime uploaded a new visual for Ayakashi Triangle! The official website for the anime has also released the main cast.

Ayakashi Triangle is being produced by Connect and is coming out in January 2023. However, we still don’t know when the anime will be available outside of Japan or how heavy the censorship will be.

Ayakashi Triangle Production Committee launches new website in celebration of January 2023 release.
Rom-com and ecchi fans have Ayakashi Triangle to look forward to January 2023. Pic credit: Connect Studio

A classic twist to an age-old tradition

Ayakashi Triangle isn’t for everyone, but it’s still worth getting into. You have the brilliance of Black Cat creator Kentaro Yabuki.

Ninjutsu classics like substitution and different kinds of ayakashi! There’s also a cat who looks like Koren from Dragonball but acts like the dub version of the cat from Ghost Stories!

And then you have teenage drama mixed with a forced gender-swap that Ranma 1/2 fans can appreciate. With more anime being faithful to the source material and getting late-night slots, there’s a good chance Ayakashi Triangle will be the same.

And if it doesn’t, Seven Seas Entertainment will publish the manga without censorship. But Ayakashi Triangle should be a welcome addition to your watchlist, regardless.

It’s not just a case of childhood friends who should get together but haven’t yet for reasons with the supernatural thrown in. There’s miscommunication and what defines a relationship too.

Bringing everything to life!

Although we only have four confirmed voice actors, it’s still fitting for our main triangle. Chiba Shoya and Tomita Miyu are voicing Kazemaki Matsuri.

Ichinose Kana is Hana Sotin Suzu and Tetsuaki Genda is Shirogane. With October almost here, there’s not much time for Ayakashi Triangle to drop new information.

But if it does half as well as Yabuki’s previous works, Black Cat and To Love Ru, then Ayakashi Triangle will have plenty of good things to keep fans entertained. And Ayakashi Triangle has more than just Japanese yokai to use.

Although the first season might not cover up to chapter 35, fans of international folklore will be rewarded with a famous Russian figure. And with the manga continuing, there’ll be plenty of content without the need for fillers.

The manga is currently at 10 volumes in Japan, and English readers can expect the first volume to come out on November 1, 2022, and the second on February 7, 2023.

But for those who like to read manga online, all 106 chapters are available on the Shonen Jump website and the Manga Plus app and website.

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