Azur Lane Episode 7 release date delayed: TV break for Azur Lane’s English dub, sub announced by FUNimation

Azur Lane character art
Azur Lane action poses for the current season. Pic credit: Bibury Animation Studios

Anime fans eagerly awaiting the Azur Lane Episode 7 release date will have to wait a little bit longer. FUNimation has confirmed that the episode will be delayed.

As announced by the anime’s official Twitter account, the time slot originally slated for Azur Lane E7 is being filled by a recap episode with Mikasa.

“Next week’s broadcast on 11/14 will send back a special program ‘Azur Lane,’ an animation studying with Mikasa University. The original battleship Mikasa (CV. Sayaka Ohara) will introduce the digest of the first half of the anime and the knowledge of ships. Please check it out next week!”

FUNimation announced that the Azur Lane Episode 7 release date is now scheduled for November 21. This delay impacts both the Azur Lane Episode 7 English dub and the English sub that streams online from FUNimation’s site.

“We’ve got some news, commanders! This week’s episode of AZUR LANE will be delayed. Episode 7 will now air subbed on November 21. This will also delay the episode 7 dub by one week.”

New episodes are released in Japan every Thursday. The Azur Lane dub is listed on FUNimation’s site as a Simuldub, but the English dubbed episodes are behind by several weeks. Currently, the English dub is only up to Episode 4.

There has been an unusual number of episode delays this anime season. Fire Force, Vinland Saga, and My Hero Academia Season 4 have suffered multiple week-long waits due to varying circumstances, including typhoons, sports tournaments, and the Kyoto Animation arson attack.

In this case, the Azur Lane Episode 7 delay was apparently planned out by Bibury Animation Studios, which is producing the project.

Since there are no sports tournaments taking up the Japanese TV schedule it’s possible that Azur Lane’s delay was due to production scheduling and the recap episode was introduced to give them more time to finish. That’s not too unusual since the Arifureta anime used a recap episode similarly in 2019, although that project suffered from crazy production issues.

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