Blue Giant anime movie announcement coming in June 2022

Blue Giant
The Blue Giant anime film is based on Shinichi Ishizuka’s manga series. Pic credit: Shinichi Ishizuka.

Shinichi Ishizuka’s manga series Blue Giant is getting an anime film in 2022. Details are still vague, but more information on this project will be included in the Big Comic Issue13/2022 on June 24.

The Blue Giant movie was announced on October 21, 2021. And is one of the most visually stunning manga I’ve seen.

Don’t miss this series if you like Your Lie in April or Cowboy Bebop!

Blue Giant
This announcement for the upcoming film perfectly captures Ishizuka’s art style! Pic credit: Blue Giant anime planning committee.

What is Blue Giant?

A Blue Giant is a star that burns so hot it turns blue. Blue Giants are the hottest stars in the Universe. In the Blue Giant manga, it’s stated that Blue Giant is the best Jazz player in the world.

Which is what the main character Dai wants to be. He goes from being a basketball player to practicing the saxophone every day.

Dai doesn’t let silly things like weather or being able to read music stop him. Instead, he listens to some Jazz music and plays by ear.

But what impresses me is the art. The panels where music is being played are a transformative experience.

You can feel the emotions clearly, and you can hear their music! So even if you’re not a music or Jazz fan, Dai’s story of effort and determination will win you over.

I need more Blue Giant in my life!

The Blue Giant manga is available in 2-in-1 omnibus editions through Seven Seas Entertainment, and the final volume came out on March 15, 2022, in English. But Ishizuka has released two sequel manga series!

Blue Giant Supreme and Blue Giant Explorer. Both are only available in Japan now, and Supreme’s final volume was released on February 28, 2020.

Since Blue Giant and Supreme have ten volumes, it’s a safe bet that Explorer will also end at ten. Thankfully, Explorer’s fourth volume came out on October 29, 2021, giving fans plenty to look forward to.

Will Dai become the Blue Giant? Will the announcement include news about an anime adaptation? When can we expect Blue Giant Supreme and Explorer in English?!

Fortunately, Ishizuka has made other manga. His first work was Gaku, Tokyo Check In, and a one-shot Straight No Chaser, also about Jazz.

But unlike Dai’s quest to be the best, Shuuhei, the pizza deliveryman, wants to win Hitomi’s heart. And she’s interested in guys who can play instruments.

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