Broly mind control vs. shock collar: Which method worked on strongest Legendary Super Saiyan?

Dragon Ball Z: Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan
Was Paragus a part of the problem with Broly? Pic credit: Toei Animation

They say pain masters the body’s will. But what if you can’t feel your emotions? What if a device is constantly suppressing them?

Or you’re forced to wear a shock collar and suppress your emotions constantly, or else? And finally, what would you do if your father was the one who forced you into this situation?

We have two different parenting types. And both helped shape our very different Brolys. I love both versions, but Paragus, on the other hand, deserved both of his fates.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly
Broly is ready to fight! Pic credit: Toei Animation

Mind Control!

Although we don’t see much of the original Broly’s childhood, we know Paragus feared him. So, his use of obtaining a mind control device that looks like a crown can be seen as an act of self-preservation.

Paragus wasn’t willing to kill Broly and possibly thought this was an act of love on his part. However, Broly is his son, and at that point, they have no way of knowing the fate of the other Saiyans.

But what Paragus honestly didn’t want to lose was Broly’s power. Unfortunately for him, the mind control device didn’t affect Broly’s memories.

The mind control device made Broly docile and messed with his intelligence. But Broly’s mind wasn’t incapable of planning.

He saw the aliens he and his father had kidnapped and forced to do manual labor stare up at their planet and destroy it in front of them in his Legendary Super Saiyan form. But Broly’s revenge against Paragus was priceless!

Broly caught Paragus trying to escape in a pod and crushed him inside it!

Shock Collar!

Broly in DBS Super is a gentle giant who loves his father. Which only makes the truth about his collar that more horrifying.

Like Goku, Broly has a pure heart and would be happy to stay on the planet with his father. But Paragus wants Broly to become a tool for his revenge.

And somehow built a shock collar that Broly either can’t or won’t remove. You can see the fear in his eyes when Paragus pulls out the remote in front of Frieza and tugs on his collar.

Frieza doesn’t care about Broly’s mental state. But you’d think he’d be smart enough not to kill the one person who could control Broly.

Especially once the collar breaks due to him transforming into the Legendary Super Saiyan form, I’ll never get tired of the scenes where Broly is beating up Frieza!

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