Busu ni Hanataba wo anime adaptation of A Bouquet for an Ugly Girl manga announced

Busu ni Hanataba wo
Hana doesn’t see herself as beautiful. Can Yousuke change her mind? Pic credit: Roku Sakura

On November 3, 2022, @neko2roku, the joint Twitter account of Nekome Hiko and Roku Sakura, announced that Busu ni Hanataba wo is getting an anime adaptation. The announcement is also mentioned on the 12th and final volume of the Busu ni Hanataba wo manga, which can be translated as A Bouquet for an Ugly Girl.

Sadly, details on who will be working on the animation haven’t been announced, and the manga is only available in Japanese. But hopefully, the A Bouquet for an Ugly Girl anime will change that.

Busu ni Hanataba wo
With only 12 volumes, will we get an anime series or a film? Pic credit: Roku Sakura

What is Busu ni Hanataba wo?

Busu ni Hanataba wo, also known as A Bouquet for an Ugly Girl, is a 12-volume manga series created by Roku Sakura. It’s a slow-burn rom-com about Hana and Yousuke.

Hana’s name means flower, but she doesn’t think she resembles one. At best, Hana calls herself a mob character and only dreams of being a heroine when watering the school flowers.

But when Yousuke, a handsome and popular boy in class, catches her in one of her daydreams, this encounter rocks Hana to her core. And Yousuke decides to show Hana that looks aren’t important.

She is beautiful, and the romance is handled very well. Yousuke has a reputation for being kind and is well respected despite not being the best at everything.

It’s unclear if we’ll get a TV series or a film, but many fans are hoping for a series, as the manga covers several issues that aren’t cured overnight.

Give the girl a bouquet and a hug!

Hana is one of the most relatable characters I’ve seen in a long time. She’s not cursed, chased by monsters, or trying to find true love.

At least not outside of her daydreaming. She’s a regular girl who doesn’t consider herself to be attractive.

And it doesn’t matter what anyone says because she won’t let herself believe otherwise. Hana is a mirror for me and many others who are our own worst enemies.

But it isn’t easy to overcome, and Yousuke is an excellent counterpoint for Hana. It’s not enough to say she’s beautiful, and looks aren’t everything.

Hana already knows the second part. But it’s hard to believe the first when traditional beauty is everywhere.

Can Yousuke help Hana learn to love herself and then with him? Are you excited to learn more about Busu ni Hanataba wo?

Leave a comment, and we’ll keep you informed on new information when we get it!

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