Overlord Volume 15 release date for The Half Wood Elf God-kin book confirmed in 2022

Overlord 15

The Overlord Volume 15 release date in Japan is confirmed for June 30, 2022. The official title in English is Overlord: The Half Wood Elf God-kin (Han Mori Yousei no Shinjin). The publishing release date for Overlord 15 was announced during a special live YouTube program on March 12, 2022. The event discussed many topics, including the … Read more

NARUTO Sasuke Retsuden official novel synopsis

Have you been keeping up with your Naruto? You know…that guy who’s Boruto’s dad. If you’re looking for another story featuring the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village then you’re in luck because we’re going to be getting another story that takes place during Naruto’s younger days by way of a new novel entitled NARUTO … Read more