Your Forma is a hit sci-fi light novel that shows how an invasive cure can steal your privacy

Your Forma

In an alternate 2023, a “smart thread” device, also known as “suture of the brain” or “Your Forma,” was initially designed to treat viral encephalitis. However, thanks to Rig City, a major IT cooperation, Your Forma is now a part of daily life. Using Mnemosnyes, Your Forma records everything you see, hear, and feel. So, … Read more

Solo Leveling audiobook by Yen Audio gives English fans a new way to enjoy the light novel

Cover of the Solo Leveling audiobook and manhwa.

The first three volumes of the Solo Leveling audiobook are available now. Fans have multiple mediums to enjoy their favorite Japanese and Korean media. Now, more publishers are releasing audiobooks of popular light novels. Will this become a growing trend? Only time will tell.   READ: Solo Leveling anime reportedly in production Yen Audio — a … Read more