Chimimo has arrived at mixed and confusing results

What are you going to do when the denizens of Hell want to move in? Show them the true meaning of Hell on Earth! Pic credit: Shin-Ei Animation

On July 7, 2022, Japan witnessed the premiere of Chimimo. An anime that looks cute, has some gross humor, and a plot to turn Earth into Hell?

But the fact that it airs at 1:30 am is the biggest concern. With only one episode out, episode 2 is set to air on July 14, 2022.

As well as every Thursday on HIDIVE, who is the intended audience, and when will the merch come out?

Somehow the Onigami family attracted 12 of these cuties! Pic credit: Shin-Ei Animation

What is Chimimo?

Chimimo is about Jigoku-san, or Jabberwock the eighth, and his plans to turn Earth into a new Hell. But he needs a place to stay first.

Episode 1: A Hellish Begining/The Envoy From Hell introduces us to the Onigami sisters. Mutsumi, the oldest, is very strict about being online too much.

Hazuki, the middle, is a struggling artist that gets drunk a lot, and Mei is the youngest and is the one to convince Mutsumi to keep an odd creature with a horn on its head as a pet. How did the creature get into their house?

Apparently, someone said Hell a lot, which attracted one hellspawn and soon 11 others. Once all 12 have assembled, they conduct a ritual to bring Jabberwock the 8th into their new home.

Where he learns that getting a rental contract is its own kind of Hell, and you mustn’t trust a woman with scissors.

What else do we know about Chimimo?

Mamiko Noto voices Mutsumi, Yuria Kozuki voices Mei, Junichi Suwabe is Hazuki, and Ai Kakuma is Jigoku-san. Pinoalto is directing at Shin-Ei Animation, Kimiko Ueno is the writer, and Yashikin is in charge of the music.

The art style reminds me of Bananya, but it also reminds me of Shin-chan. I never judge an anime by its pilot.

Especially when the series is aired one episode per week and licensed by Sentai Filmworks, along with HIDIVE, whose parent company is AMC Networks, and has produced Another, Call of the Night, Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma, and much more!

There’s no word on if Chimimo will get an English dub, but most dubs happen 2-3 weeks after the Japanese broadcast. So Chimimo is set to find a niche audience.

The art style and color palette are whimsical, and the Mochi hellspawn are begging to be turned into plushies.

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