Classroom of the Elite Volume 0 will reveal Ayanokoji’s past in COTE S2 Blu-Ray/DVD book bundle

Classroom of the Elite
We finally get to learn about Ayanokoji’s past! Pic credit: Shunsaku Tomose

MF Bunko J Summer Festival 2022 was an exhilarating day for Classroom of the Elite fans. Not only can we look forward to Classroom of the Elite Season 3 in 2023, but a prequel light novel volume is also coming out in October 2022!

Classroom of the Elite 0 will be available in a bundle with the first volume of the Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Blu-Ray/DVD box set.

It’s unknown whether Classroom of the Elite Volume 0 will eventually be animated, but those of us who are watching the anime for Ayanokoji. This will be worth the price of a hardcover!

Classroom of the Elite season 2 key visual
Classroom of the Elite season 2 key visual. Pic credit: IMDB

What is Ayanokoji’s past and backstory?

One of the mysteries of Classroom of the Elite is Ayanokoji’s past. We know he’s smarter than he let on because he scores 50 out of 100 on every test.

He’s in great shape, knows how to fight, and doesn’t have an interest in sports. However, his expression barely changes, even when he’s being threatened, and he appears to have been raised in something called The White Room.

Which appears to have the same principles as the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School, to train the Elite, and Ayanokoji is the only one who made it through the program. Or is he?

Arisu Sakayanagi is also on the cover of Classroom of the Elite Volume 0, but anime-only fans may have to wait for Season 3 to find out why. In some ways, Sakayanagi is very similar to Ayanokoji.

Both manipulate the people around them, but while Sakayanagi likes to be the queen, Ayanokoji prefers to fade into the background. Season 2 is still streaming on Crunchyroll every week, and the latest turn of events has shocked some fans.

I hate bullying with a passion, but we’ll see if Ayanokoji turns into an anti-hero or a true villain.

When can we read Classroom of the Elite 0?

Classroom of the Elite Volume 0 will be available as a bundle with the limited edition Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Blu-Ray/DVD Volume 1 on October 26, 2022. The artwork and schedule are still subject to change, but hopefully, we’ll get to read COTE Volume 0 soon.

I believe Ayanokoji is the first unreliable narrator I’ve encountered in an anime. I would stop watching after season one, but that final episode recaptured my interest.

The show doesn’t scream elite to me most of the time, and that’s a shame because there are school anime that can keep me guessing. Most of the students don’t do anything to move the plot forward, and Class C Ryuuen is a wildcard I love to hate.

Are you planning to pick up Classroom of the Elite Volume 0? Comment below, and tell us what you think about it.

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