Crunchyroll Blue Lock trailer featuring Nagi Seishiro, Mikage Reo is released

Blue Lock
Don’t be fooled by his laid-back expression; Nagi is one of the best players in Blue Lock! Pic credit: Eight Bit

On July 22, 2022, Blue Lock released a new character trailer featuring Nagi Swishiro and Mikage Reo. Unfortunately, their voice actors are still unknown, but fans are eager to see Nagi in action!

Where most sports manga/anime focus on friendship and tournaments, Blue Lock takes everything that makes a team sports work and throws it out the window. So much so, I’d argue this is the first survival game of a regular sport.

These 300 high school students aren’t risking their lives, but they are risking their futures in the most significant way possible. Because failing to win in the Blue Lock program means they’ll be black-listed from every professional football team in Japan.

And these students are already good enough to go pro, and some are playing in the Nationals. Did I mention there can only be one winner in the Blue Lock program?

Blue Lock
Mikage Reo is the one who got Nagi into football and can hold his own! Pic credit: Eight Bit

Who is Nagi Seishiro?

Nagi Seishiro appears in Chapter 22 of the manga and plays in the Forward, Offensive Midfielder, and Right Wing positions. He’s 17 and starts on Team V as Rank 221.

Without giving too much away, Nagi is a genius who started playing football six months before Blue Lock started. He has a laid-back demeanor but is a super fussy eater and doesn’t like to put effort into anything at first.

But can he win in Blue Lock without any effort or drive? Chapter 22: Until This Fire Burns Out is the last chapter in volume 3, so anime fans should see him around the middle of Season 1, if not sooner.

Who is Mikage Reo?

Mikage Reo also appears in Chapter 22 and plays Foward, Centerback, and Center Midfielder. He’s 17 years old and is Rank 222 on Team V at his first introduction.

Heir to the Mikage Corporation, Reo grew tired of having everything in life handed to him. Reo considers himself a Jack-of-all-trades, but his skills will always be at 99%.

He’s very friendly and is the center of most of his team’s plays. Although he considers Nagi a friend, Reo also sees him as a sidekick in football. Reo wants to win the Football World Cup and has the tactics to do it.

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