Cuphead The Delicious Last Course DLC soundtrack is available!

Enjoy the music of one of the best DLCs, without the stress of battle! Pic credit: Studio MDHR

Studio MDHR delighted fans by releasing the soundtrack for Cuphead The Last Delicious Meal DLC on YouTube. In one video without ads!

There’s no word on if the soundtrack will get a physical release, but you can buy it on Steam or Bandcamp.

Once you’ve equipped Ms. Chalice, go back to Inkwell and beat the game again! Pic credit: Studio MDHR

Let yourself go back in time with the music.

Cuphead came out in 2017 and is one of the most beloved indie games in recent history. And its DLC only proves why Cuphead is a must to play.

If you watch the YouTube video of the soundtrack, you’ll find it runs for a little over an hour and 10 minutes long. There are 30 tracks, and over 110 musicians worked on it!

Studio MDHR even released a making of video on YouTube, and it’s hard not to tap your foot to the beat. The old-school jazz mixed with the robber hose animation makes for an impressive combination.

The only problem is that you won’t be able to enjoy most of the music and art during the game.

What is Cuphead?

Cuphead and its DLC is a flashback to a simpler time. Then, cartoons were still getting off the ground, the voice acting was barely there, and in a world before the internet.

Before cheats could be easily looked up, you had two choices if you got stuck on a level. Either beg someone to help you by playing the game for you, or keep playing until you beat it.

Most games feature multiple enemies you use to grind and learn some of the boss’s moves. But Cuphead doesn’t do that.

They give you a brief tutorial in the main game and the DLC; then, you’re on your own. The plot is simple, Cuphead and Mugman must collect souls to give to the Devil to keep their own.

The problem is that every battle is a boss fight, and you must keep moving to survive. The Last Delicious Course is the same.

Except the Legendary Chalice is now a playable character called Ms. Chalice. If you like to play with friends, then someone can choose Mugman to play.

Even if you don’t like these kinds of games, I would still recommend listening to music. The beats are catchy and are perfect for studying in the background.

There are also some incentives for beating the game again once you have Ms. Chalice.

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