D4DJ: All Mix (Season 2) release date in Winter 2023 confirmed by a new key visual

D4DJ: All Mix
The second season is almost here! Pic credit: Sanzigen

The D4DJ: First Mix release date is in January 2023.

On October 24, 2022, @D4DJ_pj revealed a new key visual for D4DJ: All Mix. The official website has also been updated; we know the plot and when to expect the premiere.

D4DJ: All Mix is the second season of D4DJ: First Mix and the original staff and cast have been confirmed to return. D4DJ: All Mix will premiere in Winter 2023 in Japan, but there’s currently no word on if Crunchyroll will be streaming the episodes

But fans can watch D4DJ: First Mix on Crunchyroll.

D4DJ: All Mix
Lyrical Lily will be getting a lot of attention! Pic credit: Sanzigen

What do we know about D4DJ: All Mix?

According to the anime’s official website, D4DJ: All Mix will focus on Lyrical Lily instead of Happy Around! Our main DJ unit from First Mix.

Lyrical Lily comprises Mimu Sakurada, Haruna Kasuga, Miiko Takeshita, and Kumomo Shiratori. The girls attend Arisugawa Academy and are recognized as a service that makes people smile.

The Chamber of Commerce requests Haruna for a community revitalization event from New Year to last the whole year. Lyrical Lily agrees but, in the spirit of service, decides they want to connect with each other and with the Units who were honored at the DJ festival, D4 FES.

The other Units are Happy Around!, Peaky P-key, Photon Maiden, Merm4id, and RONDO. Lyrical Lily is the only Unit with only Japanese voice actors and is the only Unit where the original costumes match, not counting the accessories.

It all started with a shell!

Although the framework of the plot has been done to death, I’m hooked on D4DJ: First Mix. The character designs are distinct, and their personalities are believable.

I don’t like how Muni is constantly seeking praise, though. I understand the need for appreciation and encouragement, mainly since she posts art online.

But that doesn’t give her the right to harshly criticize Maho’s art when they first met. Everyone has their style, and all art is worthy.

I’ll never get tired of seeing Maho T-pose at the end of every episode, and I love WOW WAR TONIGHT. D4DJ: FIrst Mix does an excellent job explaining the basics of being a DJ, and I can’t wait to see what D4DJ: All Mix has in store.

Are you looking forward to D4DJ: All Mix? Leave a comment below and share your favorite songs from the D4DJ universe.

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