Date A Bullet anime and second new Date A Live anime project announced at same time by Koushi Tachibana

Date A Live character artwork
It’s possible that both Date A Live Season 4 and a Date A Bullet anime were announced at the same time. Pic credit: Tsunako

A new Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet anime adaptation was officially confirmed to be in production. What’s more, light novel series creator Koushi Tachibana shocked everyone following his Twitter account by announcing that a “new Date A Live project is underway” in addition to the Date A Bullet anime.

Yes, that’s right, two new Date A Live anime projects are now in production! Tachibana did not specifically state that the second anime project is Date A Live Season 4, but the picture he attached show off the Spirits Nia Honjou and Mukuro Hoshimiya.

Fans of the light novel series know what that means since those two girls are the focus of the next two story arcs in the main timeline that’s being adapted by the anime series. However, since the new anime project’s format has not yet been confirmed, it could be a Date A Live movie that covers those two story arcs.

Presuming that production is already underway, it’s possible (but not yet confirmed) that the Date A Bullet release date could be in 2020. The Date a Bullet anime will have voice actress Asami Sanada returning to voice her character Kurumi Tokisaki. More details will be released during the 2019 Fantasia Bunko Festival that’s scheduled for October 20, 2019.

Kurumi has been receiving a lot of love in recent years. The popular Kurumi character plays a pivotal role in the main story arc adapted by Date A Live Season 3 and starting with Date A Live Volume 16 the light novels focused on a Kurumi story arc. The title of Volume 17 was even called Kurumi Ragnarok.

Starting in 2017, Kurumi received her own Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet light novel series that was written by author Yuichiro Higashide under the supervision of original creator Koushi Tachibana. The spin-off novel series is already up to Date A Bullet Volume 5, which released on March 20, 2019.

Warning: The following paragraph provides minor spoilers for the Date A Bullet anime.

The books tell the story of how Kurumi became a Spirit and explains her fixation on killing the First Spirit ever since that person appeared 30 years ago. The story also gets a bit silly since the books have Kurumi debuting as an idol. The fourth book even has Kurumi dodging water pistols while wearing a bikini and the cover of the fifth book is like shades of Bunny Girl Senpai.

For more details and spoilers concerning Date A Live Season 4 please see our full article. Stay tuned!

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