Devil May Cry Season 2: Adi Shankar’s DMC anime to have multiple bootleg universe sequels

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Adi Shankar’s Devil May Cry anime will have multiple seasons. Pic credit: Netflix

The Devil May Cry Season 2 anime has been confirmed by showrunner Adi Shankar to be planned for the bootleg universe. The second season will be Devil May Cry Episode 9 in the rebooted DMC anime series.

The streaming platform or network for the DMC anime hasn’t been specified yet. However, considering Shankar’s involvement in Netflix’s Castlevania series, Netflix’s Heaven’s Forest, and Netflix’s Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix, it’s always possible the DMC anime reboot could be a Netflix Devil May Cry anime exclusive, which would fit in with the streaming giant’s plans in recent years.

The animation studio and main staff responsible for making the Devil May Cry anime series have not been announced yet.

To be clear, Devil May Cry Season 2 will not be a continuation of the 12-episode DMC anime series that was released way back in 2007.

That Devil May Cry: The Animated Series series TV show was animated by Studio Madhouse, which is best known in recent years for No Game No LifeOverlordOne Punch ManNo Guns Life, and The Irregular at Magic High School (the 2020 Mahouka Season 2 anime and 2022 The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3 anime were produced solely by Studio 8bit). In the future, they’re releasing notables such as the Overlord Season 4 anime.

However, there are some similarities between the two projects. Shankar is working directly with Capcom producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who worked on both the original video game, Devil May Cry 4, and the 2007 Devil May Cry anime as well as video games and anime in the Resident Evil series.

“The entire team both from the management side and the creative side have been so incredibly supportive and gracious. Kobayashi-san has been wonderful,” said Shankar. “It’s seriously a joy to work with Capcom. Their character library is unlike anything assembled.”

Writer Alex Larsen is writing the story and scripts. He’s best known for his work on several episodes of Netflix’s Yasuke anime, but he’s also worked on the 2017 Bodied movie and the 2018 Drop the Mic TV series.

The Devil May Cry Season 2 OP (opening) theme song music hasn’t been announced yet. Neither has the Devil May Cry OP for the first season.

The Devil May Cry Season 1 release date hasn’t been announced yet. However, it’s been confirmed that the first season’s finale will be Devil May Cry Episode 8.

This article provides everything that is known about Devil May Cry Season 2 (DMC Season 2) and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s delve down into what is known for certain.

Devil May Cry anime reboot begins production in 2022

Shankar first announced the DMC anime project back in November 2018. At the time, he said that the DMC anime was greenlit for production thanks to the success of Netflix’s Castlevania animated series.

The bootleg universe creator should have plenty of artistic freedom in creating the Devil May Cry anime he “acquired these (Devil May Cry) rights myself so the jabronis in Hollywood don’t f**k this one up, too.” He also specifically said that the Devil May Cry anime series “will join Castlevania in what we’re now calling the bootleg multiverse.”

Fast-forward to November 2021 and Shankar has already been talking about making multiple seasons of the Devil May Cry reboot. In an interview with IGN Japan, Shankar was excited to confirm that Devil May Cry Season 1 scripts were completed and they were “rad”.

Similar to Castlevania, Devil May Cry will have a multi-season story arc where the overall plot will unfold over multiple connected seasons. Devil May Cry Season 1 will conclude with Episode 8.

Yes, that probably means there will also be Devil May Cry Season 3 and 4.

Otherwise, Shankar confirmed that the anime will go into production in early 2022, which means the Devil May Cry release date will likely be in late 2022 or the first half of 2023.

Devil May Cry Cosplay
Adi Shankar released this Dante cosplay photo on Twitter when he first announced the Devil May Cry anime series. Pic credit: @adishankarbrand/Twitter

DMC anime cast and characters

So far, the Devil May Cry anime cast and characters have not been revealed. But Shankar can confirm that the first season will include at least Dante, Vergil, and Lady.

“I can also confirm that Chris Pratt won’t be voicing any of the characters,” Shankar joked.

DMC Season 2 release date predictions

As of the last update, Capcom, Shankar Animation, or any company related to the production of the anime has not officially confirmed the Devil May Cry Season 2 release date. The production of a Devil May Cry sequel has been announced, but not the time frame or even the streaming platform.

Once the news is officially confirmed this article will be updated with the relevant information.

In the meantime, it’s possible to speculate about when the Devil May Cry Season 2 streaming date will occur in the future.

If you go by the production schedule of Shankar’s previous animated projects they tend to have a one-year gap between. Therefore, the Devil May Cry anime Season 2 release date will likely be in 2023 or 2024.

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