Dragon Age: Absolution release date confirmed by Netflix

Dragon Age: Absolution
Can Miriam embrace her destiny? Pic credit: Netflix

On November 10, 2022, Netflix Anime on Twitter revealed a new trailer for the upcoming Dragon Age: Absolution. We have a release date, cast, plot, number of episodes, and confirmation that this is only the first season!

Will we get to binge-watch it or weekly is unknown. But you don’t need in-depth knowledge of Dragon Age to enjoy it.

Dragon Age: Absolution
Fans of DnD will love this anime! Pic credit: Netflix

What do we know about Dragon Age: Absolution?

Dragon Age: Absolution will premiere on December 9, 2022, and season 1 will have six episodes. The plot focuses on Miriam, an elven mercenary who used to be a slave in Tevinter.

According to the trailer, she can’t remember when she wasn’t someone’s property, and it’s clear she didn’t have a good childhood. This anime has adult themes, and there’s swearing in the trailer.

That said, roleplayers will feel right at home with the plot. A group of fighters, thieves, and mages attempts to steal an artifact possessed by an evil force.

Mairghread Scott, the writer of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, is behind this adult series, and Red Dog Culture House is animating it if you watch the trailer on YouTube and read the description. Netflix hints that they’ll see fans on Dragon Age Day or sooner.

Dragon Age Day is an unofficial holiday held on December 4, but BioWare and Netflix celebrate it with the fans. There’s fun, games, art, and everything to celebrate the franchise.

Unfortunately, the site doesn’t give any clues about what Netflix might be planning. But the site celebrates different causes each year, and 2022 is for The Trans Empowerment Project!

Who is the cast?

Kimberly Brooks is playing Miriam, and it appears the elf has connections with several group members.

  • Matthew Mercer is Fairbanks. Our hero’s leader is a freedom fighter with a sense of adventure, daggers, and a dashing smile.
  • Ashly Burch is Qwydion. A Qunari mage who loves explosions and can either level a building or cure your hangover!
  • Sumalee Montano is Hira. Hira is a mage who hopes to rebuild her relationship with Miriam while continuing her crusade against Tevinter. But Hira is hiding a secret that might cost both of them everything.
  • Phil LaMarr is Roland. He’s charming and full of grit. Roland is right there with his blade when things are at their worst.
  • Keston John is Lacklon. You can’t have a good fantasy without dwarves, and Lacklon is a Drwavern Lord of Fortune. He’s gruff, a glory hound, a born brawler, and a bit of a coward in the face of certain death.
  • Josh Keaten is Rezaren. Rezaren sees himself as a good man in a wicked world and will do anything to make Tevinter a better place.
  • Zehra Fazel is Tassia. Tassia is hardworking and dutiful but often ignores anything that doesn’t meet her moral standards. But she can’t ignore Tevinter or Rezaren’s sins forever.

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