Dragonball Super: Super Hero – Edo Kirkiko glasses commemorate the 2022 movie

Dragonball Super: Superhero
Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo are being turned into Edo Kiriko glasses! Pic credit: Edokiriko Cooperative

Dragonball Super: Super Hero now has a limited run of 590 Edo Kiriko glasses! Each glass costs about $247.15 USD, and they come in a paulownia box, with the 4-star Dragonball on the lid.

According to mecha-japan.com, the glasses will ship on June 30, 2022, and they’re almost out of glasses!

Dragonball Super: Super Hero
A Goku Edo Kiriko glass is ready to ship in its paulownia box. Pic credit: Edokiriko Cooperative.

What do we know about these glasses?

You can also buy them at the online shop PREMICO. According to natalie.mu, Goku should only be available at PREMICO.

The glasses have a character engraved on them, and the character is making a special move. They have a traditional pattern that suits the character’s personality and traits.

Goku’s is a reddish-orange, and his pattern is a cloisonne, representing harmonious human relationships and prosperous descendants. The Kamehame Wave is in the cut of the bottom of the glass.

Gohan’s purple glass has a hemp leaf pattern representing growth and strong vitality. The Qi Bullet is at the cut at the bottom of the glass.

Piccolo’s green glass has the Yarai pattern representing longevity and disease-free breathing. Makato Light Killing Cannon inspire the cut at the bottom of the glass.

The glasses have Shen Ryu on one side, and the bottoms have the Dragonballs and edition numbers. Each glass is handmade by a member of the Edokiriko Cooperative.

What is Edo Kiriko glass?

Edo Kiriko started as a technique in the Edo era. Its beauty appeals to people around the world.

Today, Edo Kiriko is famous for its thick-colored second layer of glass that lets Artisans engrave vivid patterns. When it was first developed, the glass was thin and transparent instead of the double-layer most pieces use now.

A different method Satsuma Kiriko was developed to make an official Industry of the Domain, but it was ruined in 1871 because the government attempted to centralize the local authorities.

Edo Kirito became a traditional craft in Tokyo in 1985 and was registered as the manufacturer of Traditional Crafts by the Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry in 2002.

There are three requirements to be a traditional craft of Tokyo.

  1. The process should be done mainly with 100-year-old techniques.
  2. The materials should be traditional.
  3. There should be four or more companies manufacturing it in Tokyo.

These glasses are a beautiful way to preserve the past and embrace the future.

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