Dragonball Super: Super Hero USA box office is now the #1 movie in US theaters

Dragonball Super: Super Hero
Scene from the Dragonball Super: Super Hero movie showing off new androids Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. Pic credit: Studio Toei Animation

Anime fans have gone above and beyond as the Dragonball Super: Super Hero box office sales now make it the #1 film in the USA! Not only has Super Hero made almost twice as much money as Dragonball Super: Broly, but it outgrossed Beast!

Dragonball is one of the most iconic and beloved franchises, but there are arguments among fans. For example, which is better, classic, which is pre-2013, or modern?

And does Super Hero succeed in bringing the fandom together?

Gohan is ready to rumble, but new adventures lie in wait. Pic credit: Toei Animation

A love letter to the past

Dragonball Super: Super Hero has a pedigree that few anime movies can match. It is the 21st film in the Dragonball franchise, and Akira Toriyama himself worked on the Red Ribbon Army and its vehicles!

The film strives to give long-term fans and newcomers an enjoyable experience. It provides a condensed overview of the classic Dragonball and references Dragonball Z!

Some would argue that there’s a nod to Dragonball GT, but I don’t want to spoil it here. Super Hero has amassed about $16.73 million in Japan and is currently ranked as the 4th highest-grossing film of the year.

In America, Super Hero now has $20.1 million and generated over $45 million worldwide.

A look at the future?

The Dragonball Super manga keeps raising the bar, but Dragonball Super: Super Hero is said to be set roughly near the end of Dragonball Z in the anime and before the Granolah, the Survivor arc in the manga.

There’s a post-credit scene that gives fans an exciting surprise, but long-term fans will be able to appreciate it truly. Will we see Gohan and Piccolo’s new forms in the anime/manga?

Most likely, but there’s no guarantee of when it’ll happen. Dragonball is far from over, and we’ll see plenty of new transformations!

I love everything about Dragonball, and I never get tired of watching the Z fighters triumph over their opponents. Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are fun to watch, and seeing Piccolo train Pan felt perfect.

And seeing Gohan take center stage with his teacher made me think back on the Saiyan Saga! It doesn’t matter if you like one version or the other more.

Dragonball Super: Super Hero is bound to entertain you, and hopefully, the next movie will give us more Broly!

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