EDENS ZERO 2 release date in Spring 2023 revealed by trailer PV

EDENS ZERO Season 2 is coming up in April 2023. Pic credit: J.C.Staff

The EDENS ZERO Season 2 release date is in April 2023, the Spring 2023 anime season.

The premiere time frame was confirmed by a trailer PV released on September 16, 2022, which you can see further below.

Neither the staff nor the exact premiere date for the upcoming EDENS ZERO S2 has been announced yet.  

EDENS ZERO Season 2: What we know so far

What we know so far is that S2 will feature returning cast members, as follows:

  • Takuma Terashima — Shiki Granbell
  • Rie Kugimiya —Happy
  • Mikako Komatsu — Rebecca Bluegarden
  • Shiki Aoki — Homura
  • Shiori Izawa — Pino
  • Hiromichi Tezuka — Weisz
  • Taiten Kusunoki — Drakken
  • Honoka Inoue — Shaomei

That’s pretty much it — not even the production studio has been confirmed.

EDENS ZERO Season 2 was announced shortly after S1 had ended. Namely, on October 3, 2021, the official Twitter account for the series tweeted, “Shiki and his friends’ adventure will continue. Thank you for your continued support.”

Further out, the EDENS ZERO S2 was confirmed to be in production in the Weekly Shōnen Jump Issue 11, released in February 2022.

Edens Zero second season key visual
Announcement art for Edens Zero season 2. Pic credit: @natalie.mu

Who will direct EDENS ZERO S2?

Fans of the series may be rightly wondering who will direct the upcoming EDENS ZERO Season 2. The question is more than just rhetorical; the EDENS ZERO S1 director Yūshi Suzuki passed away on September 9, 2021!

Season 1 was produced by J.C. Staff (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?), directed by Yūshi Suzuki, and chief directed by Shinji Ishihira (Fairy Tail). Mitsutaka Hirota (Rent-a-Girlfriend) was handling the scripts and series composition while Yurika Sako (Date a Live) was in charge of character design.

Yoshihisa Hirano (Death Note) composed the soundtrack.

For the first cour of the EDENS ZERO Season 1, the OP song “Eden Through the Rough” was performed by Takanori Nishikawa; the ED song “A Vlog of the Journey” (Bouken no Vlog) was performed by CHiCO & HoneyWorks.

For the second cour, the OP song “FOREVER” was performed by L’Arc-en-Ciel, while the ED song “Secret of the World” (Sekai no Himitsu) was performed by Sanketsu-girl Sayuri.

The EDENS ZERO Season 2 OP and ED songs haven’t been announced yet.

As for the EDENS ZERO Season 1, it premiered in Japan in April 2021 in Japan, with Hulu and Netflix Japan simulcasting the series. The first cour (12 episodes) was released on Netflix in August and the second (13 episodes) — in November 2021.

With the passing of director Suzuki, EDENS ZERO S1 went through a number of trials and tribulations but eventually managed to pull off.

EDENS ZERO S2 will continue the journey of Shiki Granbell, Rebecca Bluegarden, and Happy the Cat in their search for Mother, the fabled goddess of the cosmos.

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