Eisen Flugel anime movie adaptation by Studio A-1 Pictures confirmed to be in production

Eisen Flugel
Who are the true rulers of the skies? Pic credit: A-1 Pictures

On September 24, 2022, Aniplex announced during its Online Fest event that Eisen Fugel is getting an anime film adaptation. Considering the sieres is made of two light novels and has a manga adaptation of four volumes, this is a welcome project to enjoy.

Sadly, the source material is only available in Japanese. And we don’t know when the movie will premiere or if it’ll be available outside of Japan.

But the mix of cultures and the animation is stunning!

Eisen Flugel
Can the Blitzvogel break the sound barrier? Pic credit: A-1 Pictures

What is Eisen Flugel?

Gen Urobuchi created Eisen Flugel, and Higashiguchi Chuo illustrated the light novels. Anno Nakanamado illustrates the manga adaptation.

The plot focuses on a young pilot, Karl, and his dream to race dragons. He has everything he needs to succeed.

A talented crew to create planes, and don’t mind him taking them for test flights—the skills and courage to meet the dragons head on. And a love for the dragons that’s only topped by his passion for flying.

Sadly, Karl’s country is heading for a war with one of its neighbors. And any advantage can’t be ignored.

The air force knows about the latest plane, the Blitzvogel, and understands what it can do. So can Karl fulfill his dream while keeping the people he loves safe?

Daizen Komastuda is directing with Seiji Mizushima as the chief director. Yukie Sugawara and Mizushima are writing the screenplay.

Yuki Kajiura is composing the music.

The ultimate frontier!

Airspace is crucial in the world of Eisen Flugel. The dragons don’t appear to be overly hostile to humans.

Some are worshiped as a good omen for warm winters. Eisen Flugel has several kinds of dragons that look stunning.

But the most fantastic dragon is Kaiserdraiche, the king of dragons! This bad boy is so great many in Eisen Flugel treat it like a fairy tale.

Yet volume one of the manga shows this dragon in almost every chapter. And there’s debate on how intelligent dragons are.

Can we learn to communicate with them? Hopefully, we’ll enjoy everything about Eisen Flugel once the movie comes out.

There’s also the matter of light novels and manga art. If you look at the cover art on Wikipedia, there’s a man with short blondish hair.

But the manga has Karl with dark hair, and the trailer’s version of Karl also differs. If the man on the light novel cover isn’t Karl, who is he?

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