Fire Emblem Engage: Alear allows you to choose your gender

Fire Emblem Engage
Both versions of Alear look amazing! Pic credit: Nintendo

On October 14, 2022, Nintendo of America posted a lovely screenshot of the main character, Alear, in Fire Emblem Engage. The game is set to come out on January 20, 2023, and you can pre-order the digital version for $59.99!

A standard physical version is also priced at $59.99, but a special edition, Divine Edition, is currently unavailable for pre-order but will sit at $99.99. The Divine Edition has no special in-game bonuses but comes with the physical game, steel book, art cards, A1 poster, and a softcover art book titled “The Art of Fire Emblem Engage.”

Fire Emblem Engage
Which edition will you get in January? Pic credit: Nintendo

What do we know about Fire Emblem Engage?

The game was initially announced on September 13, 2022, on Nintendo Direct, and we have some trailers, confirmed leaks, and an excellent synopsis! Fire Emblem Engage will have plenty of things for new and old fans to enjoy.

Engage is the 17th game in the Fire Emblem series, and the setting is based on the continent of Elyos. Your character, Alear, is a member of a royal family of Divine Dragons.

Your gender doesn’t appear to affect anything, but the blue-and-red color swap is switched between them. It’s been 1,000 years since the war against the Fell Dragon, and now the seal is about to come undone.

Alear must gather allies and find all the Emblem Rings to summon the 12 Lords, characters from previous games to assist them in their fight. There are other playable characters, but the exact list is unknown.

Fans speculate that 40 characters will be in the final roster, and the gameplay is familiar to Fire Emblem and RPG fans. For example, Alear is a Dragon Sword User, but there will be an axe-wielding Cavalry unit, an archer, a martial artist, a lance-wielding armored unit, a red mage, and a Pegasus Knight who also uses a lance.

The Nintendo Direct focused on Alfred and Celine, but the trailer also showed the female version of Manakete. There’s also a character that could be the human form of the Fell Dragon with his own ring!

Will we encounter some iconic villains, or will we have to rescue some heroes before we can use them?

Fire Emblem Engage Gameplay!

Fire Emblem Engage gameplay features classic designs the franchise is known for such as terrain advantages, weapon advantages, equipable allies, and fishing. However, unlike in Three Houses, character choice won’t affect the ending.

But that doesn’t mean players aren’t able to enjoy the world outside of combat. Exploration is back, and so is everyone’s favorite merchant, Anna!

There’s also evidence of gaining some animal friends. Players are encouraged to work with the Lords, as they can wield multiple weapons, and you can fuse with them.

All good fusions must affect the hair, and Fire Emblem Engage understands that. Therefore, the more you use and work with them, the more buffs your characters will get.

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