First Gundam Build Divers RE:Rise trailer, details, and Gunpla kit

Still from the first trailer for the new Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE
The first trailer for the new Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE has dropped. Pic credit: Sunrise Beyond

It’s time to get yourself some new nippers, a set of files, and some panel lining pens because the first trailer for the new Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE has dropped along with the Gunpla model kit release info of the series’ main Gundam.

This upcoming new series is set to take place two years after the events of the first ‘Gundam Build Divers’ series along with a new set of characters, new mobile suits, and also a new version of the Gunpla Battle Nexus Online (GBN) system.

At the moment we have not yet heard if the series will be broadcast on TV in Japan but it will be streaming for free starting in October of 2019 on the official Gundam YouTube channel.

In this direct sequel to ‘Gundam Build Divers’ which aired back in 2018, the story will feature four new characters; Hiro, a loner Diver who plays like a mercenary, Kazami a player with terrible team coordination, May a mysterious Diver who takes part in Gunpla battles all day on her own, and Parviz a beginner with an introverted attitude but desires to play as a team.

From the looks of it the story will follow four different solo Divers who are brought together by circumstances to form a team.

Here are some of the Gundams which will be featured in the upcoming series;


The main Gunpla of Hiroto Kuga is a custom RX-780-2 Gundam that’s light weight and agile. It also acts as the core for the Planet System weapon sets.


When the Core Gundam uses the Earth Armor it becomes the Earthtree Gundam. It’s equipped with a shield and beam rifle that’s installed with a built in energy pack which gives it some extra firepower.


When the Mars Planet Armor is used with the Core Gundam it becomes the Marsfour Gundam that specializes in close combat attacks.

It features a number of melee weapons which includes the slash blade. Each of its blades can also be combined into a much larger sword.



When the Core Gundam uses the Venus Planet armor it uses a long range combat system that includes a backpack cannon and missile launchers. It can also maneuver on the ground using a hover system which makes it even more maneuverable.


This is the Gundam of Kazumi which is a customized Infinite Juice Gundam that uses a shot lancer as its main weapon. Its a close to mid-ranged attacker that uses melee weapons.


May’s Gundam is based on the Walking Dome mobile suit that appeared in the series ‘Turn A Gundam’. It can use its long legs to attack and has other built in weapons installed on it.


This is Parviz’s custom Gundam that looks like a mechanical dragon. A lot about it is currently unknown, but based on its name and how it looks, it’s likely a transformation mode of a SD type Gundam.


A mysterious Gundam based on the Gundam Mk-III. Not much information is known about this Gundam at this time.

The HGBD:R 1/144 Earthree Gundam Gunpla Kit has also been revealed. You can build the Core Gundam with this Gunpla kit which makes use of the Earth Armor and becomes the Earthtree Gundam.

From the looks of it, the Earth Armor can also transform into a jet like mode. It also features a rifle and shield accessory and has a release date of October of 2019. It’s priced at 1,400 Yen ($13.19 US).

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