Plunderer anime series: Four new vocal cast members announced

Plunderer will be streaming on FunimationNow in January of 2020. Pic credit: Funimation.
Plunderer will be streaming on FunimationNow around January 2020. Pic credit: Funimation/YouTube

Looking forward to the Plunderer anime series? The upcoming anime series based on the “heroic action fantasy” manga by Suu Minazuki has recently announced four new voice actors joining the project along with their character roles and details.

Ari Ozawa will voice the character Lynn May, who is a sergeant major in the Alcian Royal Military and Aoi Ichikawa will voice the character Pele, who is a sergeant in the Alcian Royal Military under the command of Lynn.

Yūichirō Umehara will voice the character Jail Murdoc, who is a lieutenant in the Alcian Royal Military and Shizuka Ito will voice the character Nana, who is described as a lively beauty who runs a traveling tavern.

They join the previously announced cast of Yoshiki Nakajima as Licht Bach (with Eric Vale providing the English dub) and Rina Honnizumi as Hina (with Sarah Wiedenheft providing the English dub).

Staff on this project include Hiroyuki Kanbe, who is directing this anime series at Studio Geek Toys, along with Masashi Suzuki overseeing the scripts and Junichi Matsumoto on music. Nippon Columbia is handling music production. Yuka Takashina, Yūki Fukuchi, and Hiroki Fukuda are on board as character designers.

The manga series was first launched in Monthly Ace magazine in December of 2014 and Kadokawa published the 12th volume of the manga on March 26. Yen Press published the first English volume on March 19.

Plunderer will be premiering in Japan around January of 2020. FunimationNOW will be streaming the series as it airs in Japan.

In the post-apocalyptic world of Plunderer, every human in the world is born with a “count” that ticks down and could represent anything from the number of steps you take to the number of people who greet you. If that count of a human ever drops to zero, they will be sent into the Abyss, where it’s said to be a place where suffering is worse than death.

As the last request of her mother, Hina was told to look for the legendary Red Baron. Along the way, she encounters the mysterious and lecherous Licht Bach.

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