Gokurakugai by Sano Yuto manga series begins in Jump SQ issue 8, 2022 in July 2022

Gokurakugai is Sano Yuto’s first manga series. It’s based off a one-shot, Gokurakugai Sanbandori No Ken. Pic credit: Sano Yuto

Gokurakugai is Sano Yuto’s first manga series and is based off of the one-shot Gokurakugai Sanbandori No Ken. The series will debut in Jump SQ 8 on July 7, 2022.

Sano Yuto has created three other one-shots Lawless Kid, Watashi no Maou-Sama, and Love Soldier Caroline.

Sano Yuto
Sano Yuto is the creator of Gokurakugai and more. Pic credit: Sano Yuto

What’s Gokurakugai about?

Sis Tao and Al are trouble-shooters working in the red-light district for money. They’ll do anything for the right price and have no problems if they get what they ask for.

Gokurakugai Sanbandori No Ken is wonderful. The art is fluid, and you’re never confused about what’s happening or which panel you’re supposed to look at.

Sano Yuto knows how to tell a story without holding the reader’s hand. The blend of humor, action, and heavy themes are balanced perfectly in the one-shot.

What’s a one-shot?

One-shot is a term used for a single chapter manga. They’re used to test ideas and see if they’re good enough to be a serialized manga.

Most one-shots are around 50 pages, so if you’re looking for a quick read, you should check out Sano Yuto’s other works. I’ve read Lawless Kid, and it fits in the Gokurakugai universe.

The setting is different, but you get the same tension. These are not happy worlds, but the one-shots end positively.

Sis Tao will do anything for money, and Al is happy as long as he’s fed. Their dynamic is fresh, and some panels offer hints for future events in the story.

I’m looking forward to seeing more from Gokurakugai. This will be a fantastic manga as long as Sano Yuto keeps doing what he’s doing.

What’s Jump SQ?

Jump Square or Jump SQ is a monthly shonen manga magazine. It replaced Monthly Shonen Jump on November 2, 2007, and Kosuke Yahagi is the current editor-in-chief.

Jump Square’s primary content is manga series. Still, some issues have included light novel chapters from the Jump j-books label. In addition, there are one-shots from established manga writers in their Supreme Yomikiri series and pieces from up-and-coming writers appearing in the Explosive Yomikiri series.

Blue Exorcist, Dark Gathering, Moriarty the Patriot, Seraph of the End, Twin Star Exorcists, and World Trigger are some of the series in Jump SQ.

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