Grab your Shanks The Grandline Men DFX Figure before the pre-order closes!

One Piece Film: Red
Shanks is ready to throw down. Pic credit: Banpresto

With all the news concerning One Piece Film: Red, Shanks doesn’t need an introduction. But luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get this figure!

But if you want the best price, hurry to your favorite site before the pre-order closes!

One Piece Film: Red
Shanks doesn’t need a crazy design to look cool. Pic credit: Banpresto

Simple but deadly

Shanks is arguably the most well-known pirate outside of the Straw Hat crew. And he can be yours for $29.99! He’s made of PVC and ABS, and the pre-order closes on August 30, 2022.

You can expect to see him at your port in March 2023. Again, Banpresto has created a beautiful figure at a reasonable price. Shanks doesn’t have much in the way of flair, but his serious expression says it all.

His shirt is unbuttoned, with just enough skin showing to count as fanservice. The pants are a reddish-purple with gold designs, and his cloak has some movement and shows where Shank’s sword is from behind.

And, of course, Shanks is wearing his sandals that look like it’ll hurt if he kicks you. Although his size hasn’t been listed, Banpresto creates excellent figures for any fan to buy.

Villain or Hero?

Shanks is a force to be reckoned with in any media form. Hardcore fans will be excited that Shanks is wearing his cloak because that’s all he needs to sneak into Mary Geoise.

A feat that’s almost impossible for most pirates to do, especially with all the guards and Marines present. Shanks’s current sword is called Gryphon, but he’s owned four others in the One Piece series.

Gryphon is a large saber with a single edge and a big hand guard. Shanks can surround the blade in a firey-red aura and use it against opponents.

Shanks used a large shotgun or rifle in the One Piece: Burning Blood game. Some top battles include:

  • Shanks vs. Marshall D. Teach
  • Shanks vs. Dracule Mihawk, multiple times
  • Shanks vs. Edward Newgate

The battles between Shanks, Teach, and Mihawk is referenced but hasn’t been shown in the manga or anime. However, Shanks has also appeared in Jump Ultimate Stars on the DS and many more.

Shanks is the only original member of the Four Emperors who isn’t a Devil Fruit user, is younger than 50, doesn’t have his own fleet, wasn’t part of the Rocks Pirates, or was born on the Grand Line.

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