Gundam Evolution Console Network Test ‘Pale Rider’ free-to-play game is almost here!

Gundam Evolution
A key visual for the upcoming Gundam Evolution game. Pic credit: BANDAI NAMCO Online.

Gundam Evolution’s new Console Network Test Pale Rider is almost here, and the game looks fantastic. And it’s free to play!

According to the official website, there will be some items you’ll have to buy. But there are no details on that yet.

Hopefully, they won’t make us pay for some of our favorite Gundams, but we do have a very lovely roster to start with.

Gundam Evolution
Are you ready to master the Pale Rider Gundam? Pic credit: BANDAI NAMCO Online

What do we know about Gundam Evolution?

Gundam Evolution is a 6 vs. 6 free-to-play first-person shooter. It’s slated for a 2022 release and will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, XBOX SERIES X/S, XBOX ONE, and Steam.

You can play as the RMS-108 MARASAI (UC), the GN-001 GUNDAM, the RGM-79 GM, the RX-75 GUNTANK, the WD-M01 Turn A Gundam, the ZGMF-XX09T DOM TROOPER, the NRX-044 ASSHIMAR, the RGM-79SP GM SNIPER 2, the MSA-005 METHUSS, the MSN-04 SAZABI, the ASW-G-08 GUNDAM BARBATOS, the MS-06 ZAKU2 (RANGED), the RX-78-2 GUNDAM, and the RX-80PR PALE RIDER.

Content is still being developed, so the roster might change again. Every Gundam has unique weapons, skills, and ultimate known as a G maneuver.

Japan will be hosting a closed beta on August 8 and August 9. Gundam Evolution has three modes players can choose from.

Point Capture has players split into two teams. The Attackers and the Defenders must either protect the objectives or attack them within a time limit, each match has two rounds, and teams switch from attacking to defending at the end of each round.

In Domination, teams need to take over three objectives within a time limit. But only one objective will be unlocked at a time and are unlocked randomly. The round ends when a team captures all three objectives or time runs out.

Destruction is identical to Point Capture, except it’s bigger. If the Attackers destroy both objectives, then a second area will unlock.

Expectations on Gundam Evolution

I only recognize Exia and Barbatos in this lineup. And I can’t recommend Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and Iron-Blooden Orphans enough!

The only Gundam series I love more is Gundam Wing, which was the first Gundam I watched. But I’m all for diving into new Gundam battles!

And you don’t need to know anything about Gundam to enjoy this game. You pick your Gundam, you learn how to use them, and if you don’t like your first choice.

You can switch Gundams while waiting for the match to start or for you to respawn. There’s nothing here gameplay-wise that hasn’t been done.

But that’s not a bad thing. I’m disappointed that there’s no sign of a story mode, but that’s not the point of Gundam Evolution.

Gundam Evolution will be free so that anyone can enjoy this game. And who hasn’t wished they could pilot a Gundam?

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