Haikyuu!! Complete Illustration Book will be available in English in Spring 2023

Regardless of if you like Haikyuu!! or if you’re looking for references for creating your own sports manga. This manga art book won’t disappoint you! Pic credit: Haruichi Furudate.

At 45 volumes, Haikyuu!! is a series that many wished would never end, and their wish was granted when the Haikyuu!! Complete Illustrated Book came out.

And now Viz is regranting that wish as they will release this book in English in Spring 2023. So if you have already purchased the book in Japanese, don’t worry.

The English version is identical to the Japanese, except now you can read it!

The Haikyuu cast faces their biggest rivals.

Why should you buy a manga art book?

Sadly, some people don’t know what manga and anime are. Some people don’t like sports and others don’t like art books.

This is fine. Because when you clicked on this article, you showed that you love Haikyuu!! which means that this art book is for you.

It has 400 pages, weighs 3.16 pounds, and is 8.27 x 0.94 x 11.69 inches! This means you’ll get to enjoy Haikyuu!! Art in a bigger and bolder way.

There’s also an obi and a dust jacket with some glossy art and conceals a rough sketch of Hinata on the front cover. So why should you buy art books?

Because they look great and show, you are a person of culture. Sadly, Viz didn’t say how much they plan to charge for this beauty.

But you can pick up the Japanese version for around $60 on several sites.

What are art books?

Regarding anime and manga, art books are collections of art taken from covers, chapters, special events, and other fun things. In addition, you can typically find interviews, a thank you message, funny stories from the creator’s life, and sometimes never before seen art or story ideas.

Most art books are bigger than the average novel, and their glossy pages are harder to tear or smudge. And they make great conversation starters!

What’s Haikyuu!!?

Haikyuu!! It is about Shoyo Hinata and his dream to play volleyball. Many ridicule him because of his short stature, but Hinata is determined to become the next Little Giant and play volleyball.

The anime has 85 episodes + 5 OVAs, and 4 animated films. There’s also a brand new manga chapter that came out to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Haikyuu!!

2023 is shaping up to be a glorious year for English readers.

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