Haikyuu Season 4 announcement confirmed at Jump Festa 2019? Haikyu anime kickoff event scheduled for the fall [Trailer video]

Members of the Karasuno boys’ volleyball team in Haikyuu
Haikyuu Season 4 will finally bring the Karasuno boys’ volleyball team back. Pic credit: Production I.G.

The Haikyuu Season 4 release date has seemingly been confirmed by an official announcement at Jump Festa 2019. A Haikyu anime kickoff event is being planned for September 22, 2019, and it appears as if the premiere date will be scheduled for October 2019.

However, there is quite a lot of confusion regarding the announcement. The new Haikyuu project is being billed as a new anime instead of being directly listed as Haikyuu Season 4.

A tweet from the official Haikyu Twitter account even says that they “decided to produce a new series” and they will “continue to work hard without losing the original animation.”

However, another tweet says the new anime will be a “new fight that starts for the National Championship” which would make sense for a direct continuation since the next major Haikyuu manga story arc is the Tokyo Nationals story arc.

It’s possible they are simply changing the naming convention that was used by Haikyuu Second Season since Haikyuu Season 3 was billed as Haikyuu!!: Karasuno Koukou vs. Shiratorizawa Gakuen Koukou. If that’s the case, then Haikyuu Season 4 will likely have a similar title.

Haikyuu Jump Festa 2019 Visual
The Jump Festa 2019 visual for Haikyuu. Anime fans are just as tired of waiting for the fourth season to be officially announced. Pic credit: Production I.G.

What’s more, the kickoff event was announced but the exact Haikyuu Season 4 premiere date was not listed. Even the moderators for the official Shonen Jump Twitter account were confused.

“I made a mistake on the Haikyu anime announcement. I was really excited and only saw the date for the event and new series from where I was standing,” wrote Shonen Jump. “The new anime is announced but the air date isn’t announced yet. Sorry for the mistake.”

A new Haikyuu Season 4 trailer focused on the fact that this is the fifth anniversary of the anime.


Overall, the impression left by the announcement is that the Haikyuu Season 4 release date will likely be in October, during the Fall 2019 anime season. For more details and spoilers, please see the article about Haikyuu Season 4 spoilers.

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